In the Spotlight - Maya Iddins

Name: Maya Iddins
Role: Travel Specialist
1st Season: 2023
Nationality: USA

What first brought you to ALE?
A few years back I was researching and organizing trips not only for work but for friends and family as well. I would notice my full attention happily invested for hours at a time only to look up and see the clock edging into the early hours of the next day. It was right then and there I realized my passion for helping people navigate how to make a trip possible and guiding them through it. Afterwards I took up a position as a Cruise and Excursions Director onboard various ships. It was such a blast not only helping guests plan these trips but being able to go on them myself and build connections on these adventures with them. Shortly after leaving the company and moving to Utah, I was searching for a more grounded environment where I could explore on the weekends and jump back into passions while still planning travel. Low and behold, the FIRST DAY I moved here I discovered ALE and honestly went down the rabbit hole of research to only find out how much I admired and was inspired by the company. After poking around some more, I saw this very position available. I felt like it was waiting for me, and I was searching for it. I applied that very day and here we are!

What excites you about specializing in travel?
I really love the aspect of creating unique experiences for individuals, helping them check things off the bucket list as well as the logistical planning of trips. Being an active traveler, adventurer, and hiker myself, I know the three most important things are to be positive, present, and prepared. What excites me is helping eliminate a lot the planning and researching process for guests to allow them to fully focus on the excitement or challenge that’s about to ensue!

What are some of your interests?

Outdoor adventures are a big passion. From surfing to skiing or backpacking to river rafting, being in nature feels like home. I also love writing, filmmaking, painting, yoga, and photography. There’s never a time I don’t have some sort of camera when leaving the house, especially on hikes!

Where is your favorite place you’ve hiked to photograph?

This is a hard question; I’m always torn between the two. The first being in the North Cascades in Washington State. I grew up there so I’m always a little biased but this trail, Hidden Lake Lookout, is such a beautiful and incredible hike. If you go the right time of year, various colorful wildflowers freckle the journey up that accentuate the vibrant greenery of the surroundings. The other must be the French Alps; the incredible way the hills and divots are weaved into the side of the mountain provides this dreamy, and brightly saturated green world that carries you on a journey of gratitude and awe around every bend.

What is one random fact about yourself you can share with us?

I was a (very unofficial) bouncer at a Beach Boys concert!

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