Unparalleled Experiences for 2020

Now that the Antarctic summer is here we’re ready to welcome excited travelers to one of the biggest and driest deserts on Earth, Antarctica. Our season kick off is bathed in 24 hour sunlight as our team works hard to set up guest and staff camps, dining tents and our well-rounded offering of guest services. Travelers Zen out in the pearl white landscape, enjoying detailed itineraries at any of our five camps, and expeditioners set off to accomplish new records. As proud leaders in polar expedition, each season is anticipated with the same thrill as our first trip on the ice, and our sense of hospitality has never diminished.

While explorers are immersed in Antarctic comfort we continue to perfect our once-in-a-lifetime experiences and recently opened general sales for our 2020 season. Designed by the Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions team of experts, our 2020 collection will continue to cater to our most popular destinations like Gould Bay Emperor Penguin Colony, Mount Vinson and our private Three Glaciers Retreat. Now you can view new dates and rates to start planning your extraordinary visit to Antarctica, along with more on our special projects, including soon to be announced limited booking trips for 2021.

Here are a few highlights of ALE’s new 2020 Antarctic Summer Expedition collection:

An Unprecedented Visit to the Southernmost Resort on Earth

Fly to the South Pole where all 360 lines of longitude meet and in just a few steps you can walk around the world. You’ll be captivated by the breathtaking landscapes, the stories, and the history of polar explorers as you stand at 90 degrees south. Enjoy your own adventure as you imagine how it felt for Amundsen and Scott to head out across the frozen continent, into the unknown over 100 years ago. The spirit and determination may never leave you as you explore the continent and walk a landscape few have the opportunity to visit. This is a place of expeditions, history, scientific research and the character of long time explorers.

An Immersive Retreat Experience Incorporating Mountains, Skiing, Exploration and Pampering

Experience the Three Glaciers Retreat surrounded by pristine views, untouched spaces, and profound silence. This exclusive location is our newest addition to the ALE camp collection and is tucked away deep in the interior of Antarctic beauty. Designed with thoughtful attention to detail, Three Glaciers provides a sanctuary for relaxation and comfort. Located only a 15 minute scenic flight from our Union Glacier camp, you’ll experience privacy, superior service, high end cuisine, comfortable guest suites, and a curated itinerary of outdoor tours and guided excursions.

Antarctic Icons & Unprecedented Wildlife Adventure on the Seventh Continent

With our Emperor Penguin Experience you will fly by ski aircraft for the Gould Bay Penguin Colony on the remote coast of the Weddell Sea. Walk with the Emperors and camp on the same ice where thousands of birds raise their young and wander playfully. Continue on to the highly sought location of the South Pole, covering a distance in only a few hours that took explorers months to cross. The full experience is a vibrant introduction to Antarctic wildlife, remote living, and unique travel. Enjoy the spirit of discovery and photography majestic emperors against a spectacular backdrop of cliffs and icebergs. Live amongst the trumpeting call of penguins truly immersed in the Antarctic wilderness.

Reach for Snow Covered Peaks and Cross Pristine Glaciers

ALE’s Climb Antarctica and Mount Vinson Experiences turn visitors into explorers and elevate the meaning of adventure travel. Imagine yourself on Antarctica’s highest peak, summiting Mount Vinson’s 16,050 feet of majestic elevation. One of the Seven Summits, its snow covered peaks stand guard over vast glaciers below and in the distance, snow meets sky along a curved horizon. This is a moment to savor. Mount Vinson is a challenging and strenuous experience, and the only way to get there is through determination, and the vast beauty set before you. An experience to achieve the extraordinary.

A visit to Antarctica is an achievement in itself, a place of wonder, history and demanding all of you. Our ultra-comfortable experiences and detailed itineraries offer unprecedented travel and access to deep-field experiences with our team. Each trip is paired with incredible hospitality, delicious cuisine, all-inclusive amenities, expert guides, included tours and comfortable accommodations. Find out more information about Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions summer 2020-20201 itineraries on our trip finder.

Please note: All itineraries are subject to change.

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