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The extraordinary accomplishments of polar explorers change from year to year but the depth of their ambition and individual journeys does not. Explorers have been ticking off the mystical South Pole for years, setting records and inspiring those to come. Antarctica is a place of unspoiled beauty and deafening silence across striking landscapes. A place where the great white continent doesn't distinguish between gender or position but where the playing field is leveled to test strength, endurance and resolve among its travelers. Polar explorers are part of an elite group of adventurers from all corners of the globe, and ALE is a proud logistics provider to those who make their way to the ice. This is not a race to the ends of the Earth, but an exploration in life and a pilgrimage for each one of us.

ALE is the leader in deep-field polar adventures and is experienced in creating memorable expeditions that cater to all levels. Not everyone experiences the expanse of Antarctica, but those who do experience a life-changing journey with our team of long trusted experts. The addictive and ethereal landscape is home to our comfortable base camps and exclusive Three Glaciers Retreat where adventurers can experience their choice of excursions from scenic flights, skiing glaciers, picnicking in remote places, visits to the South Pole and Gould Bay Emperor Penguin Colony, or taking a ride on a fat-tire bike. Additional tours include snowmobiling, skydiving, or a touring in our heated Tucker Sno-Cats. Our 5 Antarctic camps are the launching pad for your personalized trip itinerary whether you are going for your own record-breaking expedition or taking a digital-detox exploring truly remote wilderness with dramatic backdrops. We invite you to experience more of what Antarctica has to offer through our customized trips and bespoke experiences.

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"Very well organized and well run camp. All of the many employees I encountered were wonderful! Great job minimizing environmental impact. They make safety a priority and the food was amazing! It was a trip of a lifetime and I highly recommend a visit to Antarctica with ALE to everyone!"- A. Alley "If you want to visit the interior of Antarctica, there is really only one company to consider: ALE. They set the standard for safety, professionalism and quality. 10/10 recommendation." - C. Michel

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Travel is an inspiration and an exploration in ourselves and polar travel is an increased challenge into idyllic journeys in the heart of Antarctica.  Each journey with ALE is unique, tailored to your interests, ambition, and level of experience.  ALE is for those who want to be among an elite group of travelers, perhaps creating a record-breaking excursion and unforgettable retreat all with detailed logistics organized by our team of experts. Set off with all of your supplies for a multi-day trip or day tour from the comfort of Union Glacier Camp or our exclusive Three Glaciers Retreat.  Let the slopes, mountains, wildlife and wilderness of Antarctica speak to you through one of our experiences.

Explore our trips and inquire to save your spot with a few simple steps. We look forward to seeing you on the ice. Check out 2020 trip rates and dates now.

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As the leader in Antarctic travel and on ice expeditions, we work hard to ensure every detail is in place for your travels, whether you are taking a family vacation, traveling with a party of friends or colleagues or breaking your own personal boundaries with record breaking excursions. We provide everything from expert guides, communications, air transport, meteorology, camp services, travel safety and overland transport, all with comfortably outfitted clam tents, private retreat suites, and high end dining with our full-time staff. We do not sacrifice authenticity, safety, or comfort when traveling with us as the trusted polar travel provider. We are ready to provide you with a journey of a lifetime. Our 30 year experience in Antarctica makes us a leader in remote excursions and luxurious travel.  In addition to 26 detailed itineraries, we maintain a fleet of specially adapted vehicles for ground transportation, snow clearing, and runway maintenance. These includes two 4x4 and three 6x6 passenger vehicles, several tractors, Tucker Sno-Cats, industrial snow-blowers, ski way groomer, and a number of snowmobiles and sleds. Private tours in our heated Tucker Sno Cats or scenic flights can all be part of your Antarctic travel. Where will your travels take you? Review our exclusive experiences now.

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It’s time to explore Antarctica as it should be, untracked and pristine. The opportunities for discovery are endless, whether you are looking for steep lines, ice climbing, or Emperor penguin wildlife encounters. Our experiences include popular South Pole visits and our Climb Antarctica Experience to scale polar terrain. It's exhilarating to think that you may be one of the only people to stand on a summit, set tracks on a slope, and marvel at the vast white desert views below. Chose one of our camps or join us at the secluded Three Glaciers’ Retreat offering total privacy, and private group bookings. Our  Three Glaciers camp is equipped with all of the amenities and creature comforts found in wilderness lodges worldwide, including highly trained staff, private chefs and bespoke itineraries. Whatever you chose our insider access will cater to you throughout your stay with an expert itinerary. Bring a group, family or friends, each one is sure to enjoy every detail in our world-famous sites. Our unique blend of experience, logistics and comfort take you beyond any guide book. After a day of exploring, relax in your accommodations, or join us in the dining tent for nightly presentations, lounging with a glass of wine, or enjoying amazing meals in the heart of our camp. Our chefs create original dishes with fresh ingredients flown in from Chile. You’ll be delighted at the range of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, baked goods, and fantastic deserts. Want to learn more? Speak with one of our dedicated travel specialists to book your own experience. 

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