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People love to see photos from actual travelers and so do we. There’s nothing that captures a day of Antarctic adventure more than an individual’s perspective of a very personal experience. We asked you to share your photos with us and you listened – here’s what it’s like to visit the white desert and experience the wide expanse of the 7th continent from real people’s experiences through the lens.

Traveling Like an Adventurer – Not a Tourist

What better way to experience life on the Antarctic ice than capturing travelers’ activities first hand. Photographer and guide @robertmadsanderson shared some favorites from his gallery showing a range of photos celebrating adventure. These are a few that caught our eye and keep us thinking about spending more days in Antarctica. Check out more on skydiving at Union Glacier, hiking Mount Vinson, wondering the “beach” at Union Glacier, and soaking up the midnight sun at our base camps.@robertmadsanderson says a lot with an image.
*Some photos are lower resolution sent direct via Union Glacier Camp.

Robert Anderson shares a perspective from the ice capturing both ALE team members and guests. His sense of wonder and playful captures highlight what’s it’s like to live in the expanse of this white desert and travel with ALE.

View of Antarctic Expeditions – Living on Ice

We love these photos by @matthieutordeur  that show the beauty and challenge of skiing solo in Antarctica. During the 2018 season, Matthieu Tordeur became the first Frenchman to ski solo and unsupported to the South Pole. His photos show how incredible this continent is and what continues to attract adventurers to its landscapes.

Each expedition is slightly different, but the need to have the right training, preparation and endurance is key. It’s about creating a bit of comfort on the ice, staying hydrated, packing in those calories and keeping a few memories from home to keep you going. During his expedition @MatthieuTordeurAventure captured that feeling and shared it with us.

A View from Your Eyes

From Antarctica’s coast to its deep interior, there is plenty to see. Traveler Peter Ivin caught this lone Adélie penguin in its habitat around the continent’s small coastal islands. These tiny aquatic creatures dine on shrimp-like krill, fish and squid. While ALE experiences don’t visit Adélie penguins, we still appreciate these amazing creatures nonetheless.

Below long time polar guide Tom Weston captures some first hand highlights of a “sunrise” over the Three Glaciers Camp and operations at the Union Glacier Camp in the Ellsworth mountains. ALE uses the large overland vehicle for guided tours and camp support, and is always a favorite of travelers.

Antarctic Wildlife

ALE’s Emperor Penguin experience at Gould Bay has a consistent wait list because of the detailed itinerary and unparalleled access to emperors. It’s a photographer’s dream, where travelers camp near a penguin colony and experience the Antarctic wilderness first hand. When you want to see a truly stunning part of the world – this is the place to be. Polar adventurer and guide @hannahmckeand shows some of her inspiration below.

Wildlife viewing has grown in popularity around the world, from Africa to Antarctica, and it never seems to get old @hannahmckeand has spent plenty of time viewing the behaviors of Emperor penguins and their chicks, and has said it’s a lifelong love affair.

These are just a few of the incredible photos of Antarctica shared with us. There are countless amazing visuals to experience on the ice, through your own eyes or behind a lens. If you’d like to be included in a future photo roundup, tag @antarcticlogistics and #AntarcticPic in your favorite travel photos. We’d love to feature Antarctica through your eyes.
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Photos copyright Robert Anderson, Matthieu Toudor, Hannah McKeand, Peter Ivin and Tom Weston

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