Company Info

Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions LLC (ALE) offers air transportation, logistic support and emergency response for those venturing to the interior of Antarctica. We are one of the largest and most experienced commercial flight and logistic providers on the continent.

The owners of ALE have all been involved with Antarctic concerns since the late 1970s. ALE was incorporated in 2003 and the following year purchased pioneering Antarctic operator, Adventure Network International, with its 20 years of experience landing wheeled aircraft on blue-ice runways. Since then we have leveraged our capabilities and remain the premier provider of air support to private individuals and national operators in Antarctica, improving schedules and reducing delays, by investment in infrastructure and detailed planning.

ALE’s year-round, administrative office is in Salt Lake City, USA. We have a seasonal office in Punta Arenas Chile, managed by our Chilean agent, Red de Aventura a la Antartica (RAAL). Our main Antarctic Camp at Union Glacier operates seasonally, from early November through January.

ALE Environmental Policy

ALE operations are planned and conducted so as to have no more than a minor or transitory impact on the Antarctic environment. All ALE operations meet the requirements of Article 8 and Annex I of the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty and the provisions of U.S. 40 CFR Part 8, “Environmental Impact Assessment of Non-governmental Activities in Antarctica; Final Rule”.

ALE holds a multi-year Initial Environmental Evaluation assessed by the US Environmental Protection Agency and a Waste Management Permit issued by the NSF Office of Polar Programs. Each year we submit annual Advance Notification to the US Department of State.

ALE is a Member of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO).

US Legislation

As a US company, we are bound by US legislation governing Antarctic activities. Our operations comply with the Antarctic Conservation Act which formalizes US adherence to Antarctic Treaty and Protocol requirements.

ALE Health & Safety Policy

ALE is committed to managing and conducting its Antarctic operations in a manner that protects the health and safety of its clients, employees and contractors. All ALE personnel are chosen for their experience and temperament in Antarctic conditions. ALE does not discriminate on basis of gender, race or religion as to whom it employs.