ALE offers a full range of logistic services to support deep-field science.

Union Glacier CampUnion Glacier Camp

Our main Antarctic camp is located at Union Glacier (79°46’S 82°52’W, elev. 700m/2, 297ft ) in the southern Ellsworth Mountains. The camp is accessed via a 4 1/4 hr flight from Punta Arenas, Chile. The camp operates during the Antarctic summer (November through January) offering a full-service logistics hub and staging point for deep-field science. More…

Ilyushin at Union Glacier Ice runwayIntercontinental Flights

ALE offers weekly scheduled passenger and cargo flights between Punta Arenas, Chile and Union Glacier from early November through end January, using an Ilyushin 76-TD cargo aircraft. Flights hold 60 passengers or two shipping containers volume of cargo, with a total capacity of 17,500 kg. All flights are weather dependent. More…

Re-fuelling Twin OttersInternal Flights

Flights beyond Union Glacier are by Twin Otter (2) or by Basler BT-67 (1) ski aircraft. ALE maintains pre-placed fuel caches to support ski-plane operations throughout West Antarctica. More…

Tractors hauling loadsOverland Transport

ALE has several tractors (Prinoth BR-350/Piston Bully) for overland transport of fuel and heavy cargo. We can also provide complete support (vehicle/driver-mechanic/support staff) for scientific, tractor-train traverses. Snowmobiles are available for light transport.

Off-loading NSF Hercules C-130 Airfield Support

Airfield support must be arranged in advance. We maintain runways for both wheel and ski aircraft at Union Glacier and can provide weather forecasts and cargo handling services for visiting aircraft.


Weather forecasts can be prepared for aircraft and field parties anywhere in Antarctica.

USAP science supportGuiding

ALE’s guides are some of the most experienced in the business, providing technical guiding and field safety services. Our Travel Safety department pre-plans over-snow traverses using the latest satellite photo and ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology.

Field camp and snowmobilesField Support

Field services range from re-supply by ground or air and equipment rental, to providing a fully staffed field camp and guides to support your project. Our team includes guides with specific experience in science and film support.

Consultation with ALE doctorSafety and Medical Services

Union Glacier Camp has a basic clinic staffed by a doctor and medic on call 24-7, who specialize in emergency and remote medicine.


ALE maintains a 24 phone watch during our operating season and we are ready to respond – day or night – in case of emergency.

ALE also sells adventure Experiences through its retail arm, Adventure Network International