Field Camps

Many of our experiences take guests away from our primary camps and into the field to experience Antarctica as early explorers encountered it, the most remote wilderness on earth.

Ski Expedition Tents

Ski Last Degree and Ski South Pole expeditions often use single-walled, tunnel shaped, Hilleberg tents that are lightweight and quick to set up. These are important factors when you are hauling your equipment more than 600 miles (1000km) and have to set up and take down your tent each day, often in extreme conditions. The simple hoop frame allows us to partially disassemble the tent and pack it into an expedition sled, greatly speeding up the time required to set up camp each day. The tunnel shape means that the tent must be set up into the prevailing wind, which blows consistently from the Pole toward the coast.

Mountaineering Tents

Mount Vinson, Climb Antarctica, Ski Antarctica, and Mount Sidley expeditions utilize sturdy 4-season mountain tents like the Mountain Hardwear Trango 3.1 tents. These free-standing, double-walled tents have a more complex pole configuration, which makes them extremely strong in high winds, regardless of the wind direction.

Field Camp Photos

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