Antarctic Air Transport

ALE provides an intercontinental air bridge between South America and the Ellsworth Mountains, West Antarctica. ALE operates approx. weekly passenger flights to Antarctica from November through January and cargo flights as needed. Flight time is 4 1/4 hours. Flights depart from Presidente Carlos Ibañez del Campo airport (PUQ/SCCI) in Punta Arenas, Chile and land at [...]

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Overland Transport

ALE re-supplies field teams and pre-places caches by air and by overland traverse. Our strategic location and the size of our operation help us provide cost-effective Antarctic transportation options for large and small projects. ALE can deliver large volumes of heavy cargo and fuel to deep-field sites, using Prinoth BR-350 and Pistenbully tractors, large-capacity cargo [...]

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Camp Services

79°46′S 82°52′W Elevation: 2,297ft (700m) Our main camp is located in the spectacular and remote southern Ellsworth Mountains, on the broad expanse of Union Glacier. It is only accessible by air and all of our guests take their first steps in Antarctica here, on a naturally occurring blue-ice runway. We are 1,859 miles (2991 km) [...]

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Travel Safety & Guiding

Our Travel Safety department assess the safety of field camp locations, travel routes, and climbing objectives using on-the-ground surveys, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and radar and optical images. They can provide GPS tracks for known routes (e.g. Hercules Inlet-South Pole; Union Glacier-Lake Ellsworth) and are available to help pre-plan over-snow traverses through less-known areas. Contact [...]

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ALE’s meteorological department operates 7 days a week, preparing forecasts for ALE’s air operations, field parties, and visiting aircraft. Twice-daily forecasts and weather briefings are available to pilots and ground personnel stationed at Union Glacier. Our forecasters are professional meteorologists with a wide range of experience forecasting for civil and air force aviation. They use [...]

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We have a dedicated team of ICT experts on staff at Union Glacier Camp to coordinate flight and field communications. Our Antarctic team stays in regular contact with our Punta Arenas and Salt Lake City operations via email and satellite phone. All aircraft are fitted with tracking beacons, which allow us to follow their real-time progress [...]

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At Union Glacier Camp we maintain a basic medical clinic staffed by doctors and medics who specialize in emergency, high altitude, and remote medicine. The clinic is equipped to treat minor illnesses or can be used to stabilize more serious conditions until the patient can be medically evacuated. We are equipped to defibrillate, manage fractures [...]

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Emergency Response

ALE maintains regular communication with field parties and ALE aircraft, using Iridium satellite phone, tracking beacons and HF/VHF radio. We maintain a 24‐hour communication watch during our operating season and we are ready to respond in case of emergency. If we have not received contact or sign of movement after 48 hours our Field Operations [...]

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