We have a dedicated team of ICT experts on staff at Union Glacier Camp to coordinate flight and field communications. Our Antarctic team stays in regular contact with our Punta Arenas and Salt Lake City operations via email and satellite phone.

Flight Following

All aircraft are fitted with tracking beacons, which allow us to follow their real-time progress while they are in-flight. We also maintain regular voice contact, taking position reports and providing regular weather updates.

Field Communications

We maintain regular communication with field parties and ALE aircraft, using Iridium satellite phone, tracking beacons, and HF/VHF radio. Established protocols ensure a rapid response by our nearest aircraft or vehicle, in case of an incident or loss of contact.

Guest Communications

There is no mobile phone coverage in Antarctica. Guests can purchase satellite phone cards with US cash and use ALE handsets to make phone calls while in Antarctica. Calls can be made from our phone booths or personal tents. Satellite internet access is for ALE operations only.

In an emergency, family members may contact our offices in Salt Lake City and we can forward a message to individuals in Antarctica. However, we will only give out information about a guest to individuals who are listed that guest’s Personal Information Form.

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