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Antarctica Team

From top notch chefs to polar record holders, this crew of specialists calls Antarctica home for three months of the year. More than 70 people, representing over 15 nationalities and speaking 14 languages come to work on the ice each season. These Antarctic experts operate in some of the most challenging conditions in world. Your safety is our top priority and we’re here to make your Antarctic experience the journey of a lifetime!


ALE Partners have been active in the Antarctic since the late 1970s. A few have been involved with the company since the early days of ALE's precursor, Adventure Network International (ANI). In 2003, five partners came together to establish ALE and to purchase ANI. Over the following years, ALE has grown to be the premier deep-field Antarctic operator. In 2019, Mike Sharp decided to retire and his partnership share was taken over by Polar Holdings AG. Current Partners

Punta Arenas Team

We welcome you to Chile - your departure point for Antarctica and our goal is to make your time in Punta as smooth as possible! Our knowledgeable staff speak English and Spanish (and some other languages too) and are here to help you prepare for your upcoming journey. With more than 20 years of experience working and living in Punta Arenas, you can get advice straight from the locals - some members of our team were born and raised here. We’ll help you buy those last minute items, track down lost luggage, and can tell you who serves the best...

Remote Team

ALE is truly an international company with team members working remotely in multiple time zones to support our operation year-round.

Salt Lake City Team

Our office attire may be casual but our commitment to service and attention to detail are serious. Our Salt Lake team works year-round behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly during the Antarctic season. We visit Antarctica regularly and can provide first-hand knowledge on the experiences and services we offer. We’re here to answer all your questions and will help design an experience or develop a logistical package that meets all of your needs.

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