Overland Transport

ALE re-supplies field teams and pre-places caches by air and by overland traverse. Our strategic location and the size of our operation help us provide cost-effective Antarctic transportation options for large and small projects.

Tractor Traverses

ALE can deliver large volumes of heavy cargo and fuel to deep-field sites, using Prinoth BR-350 and Pistenbully tractors, large-capacity cargo sleds and bulk fuel containers. Each tractor delivers approximately 15 tonne of cargo per load, which is equivalent to 80 drums of fuel.

We can also provide complete support for scientific, tractor-train traverses including vehicle, driver-mechanic, and support staff. Our traverse module sleeps four and provides a comfortable living/work space. Our travel safety team will work with you to plan your route, using optical and radarsat images. Ground penetrating radar provides an additional measure of safety in the field.

Past projects include delivery of nearly 70 tonne of cargo to sub-glacial Lake Ellsworth; delivery of the Criosfera 1 scientific module to 85S; and scientific tractor-train traverses to the South Pole, the WAIS triple ice divide and other routes.

Prinoth BR350 by B&C Alexander

Prinoth BR-350 and Pistenbully 

These machines are used for long-distance traverses including science support, expeditions, and ALE fuel caching. At Union Glacier, the groomers assist with hauling cargo to and from the ice runway. Grooming blades are used to level tent platforms and walkways in camp, to maintain a network of safe vehicle travel routes to nearby destinations, and to prepare the marathon running track.


Tucker Sno-Cats

Our Tuckers perform a variety of tasks including hauling, skiway grooming, and transport for guest excursions. One unit is equipped with a Hiab crane to assit with lifting cargo.

Traverse Module

This custom built module mounts onto a Lehmann sled, providing a comfortable living space for overland traverses. The module sleeps four and contains a kitchen, dining banquette, and toilet.

Wheeled Vehicle Traverses

Vans are used for lightweight traverses, passenger transport between Union Glacier Camp and the blue-ice runway, and local excursions. Each van holds 11 passengers and has been specially modified for polar operations with 4 or 6-wheel-drive transmission and low pressure tires.

Snowmobile Transport


Our fleet of more than 20 snowmobiles is used to support camp operations, long distance traverses, and scientific field parties. Snowmobiles are available for local travel or can be delivered to deep-field locations. We own a variety of models, mostly 600cc 4-stroke engines. A range of polyethylene pulks and slides can be attached to the snowmobiles to transport cargo. Our travel safety department can provide instruction in safe operation and roped snowmobile travel, or we can provide you with a trained field guide/driver.

Photos from Overland Transport
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