ALE’s Experiences of Inland Traverses

ALE presented a Poster Paper and attended a workshop on Inland Traverses in Antarctica, hosted by the Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs (COMNAP) in Stockholm on July 31, 2011. Antarctic traverses are undertaken by many nations and there is a growing interest by other countries who wish to develop their capability in this area. The workshop provided an opportunity to share experiences with others and learn practical techniques to ensure traverses are successful.

Mike Sharp, ALE Partner and Manager of Antarctic Operations, presented ALE’s poster paper highlighting our unique ability to provide deep-field scientific support in West Antarctica and the safe, efficient traverse systems we have developed over the past 7 years.

ALE has extensive experience with overland traverses ranging from local ground truthing to large-scale multi-year projects such as the Subglacial Lake Ellsworth Project. Our ability to airlift large volume and heavy cargo is key to our logistic capability and allows ALE to offer practical and cost-effective support for traverses.

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