Union Glacier Clinic

At Union Glacier Camp we maintain a basic medical clinic staffed by doctors and medics who specialize in emergency, high altitude, and remote medicine. The clinic is equipped to treat minor illnesses or can be used to stabilize more serious conditions until the patient can be medically evacuated. We are equipped to defibrillate, manage fractures and soft tissue injuries, and give IV fluids and drugs. We do not have surgical, x-ray, or transfusion facilities.

Guide Certifications

Our field guides all hold advanced first aid certification and are trained in emergency response protocols. Guides are required to carry comprehensive first aid kits when away from camp. A member of our medical team accompanies all South Pole Flights due to the altitude and extreme temperatures at this location.


Serious accidents and illness are uncommon, but if necessary, we will call in a dedicated intercontinental flight to evacuate a patient. Keep in mind Punta Arenas, Chile is 1,883 miles (3030 km) away from Union Glacier Camp. Evacuation is entirely dependent on good weather conditions. Because of this, evacuation may take up to several days. Evacuation flights will be at the guest’s expense, which is why we require all guests to carry Medical Evacuation Insurance.

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