Travel Insurance

All guests are required to hold Medical Evacuation Insurance for the duration of their experience and at least 7 days beyond their return Antarctic flight.


$150,000 (USD) required for Mount Vinson, Antarctic Odyssey, Ski Antarctica, Climb Antarctica, Skydive Antarctica, and Ice Marathon
$300,000 (USD) required for all other experiences and expeditions that travel outside the Ellsworth Mountains


Mountaineering: Guests on mountaineering experiences must hold specific coverage for roped travel and climbing.
Skiing: Guests on ski experiences must confirm their policy covers skiing in Antarctica.
Skydiving: Guests on Skydive Antarctica must confirm their policy covers skydiving in Antarctica.
Races: Guests competing in the Ice Marathon or 100k must confirm that their policy covers races and/or endurance events.


We have provided a list of insurance providers below to assist you in researching the policies available to Antarctic travelers. As our expertise lies in Antarctic operations – not in the nuances of insurance – we strongly recommend that you address specific questions to the insurance agent and take time to thoroughly understand the policy you purchase and its exclusions.

Medical Evacuation Insurance Providers


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