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Mount Vinson

Vinson Summit Mount Vinson Climbing Team Vinson Descent Vinson High Camp Vinson Summit Ridge Vinson Route Low Camp New Years Eve at Low Camp Mount Shinn Antarktis 2014-87 Face Protection Climbing the fixed lines between Low and High Camps Carrying an Expedition Pack Sentinel Range from Nimitz Glacier Setting Camp at High Camp Climbers on Vinson fixed lines High Altitude climbing boots are essential for Mount Vinson View to the NW from the top of the fixed lines Frosty Seth Timpano Cook shelter at Low Camp En route to Low Camp Vinson Massif and Branscomb Glacier Ascending the Branscomb Glacier

South Pole Flights

Ceremonial Pole and Basler Re-fuelling at Thiels South Pole telescope Keizo Funatsu at South Pole Station South Pole on Antarctic continent map Geographic South Pole marker South Pole Station Tour Unofficial British/Chinese Olympic Handover at the South Pole Sundogs over the South Pole Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station Hydroponic greenhouse at South Pole Station On-board the Basler BT-67 At the Ceremonial Pole De-Planing at the South Pole Approaching the Pole

Emperor Penguins

Walking to the penguin colony Weddell Seal close Leopard seal at breathing hole Penguin Parents Toilets Aerial View of Emperor Penguin Field Camp Emperor Penguins Emps main tent Emperor Penguin Camp Skua on the hunt Telephoto lens for 'close up' photos Emperor penguin chick Toboganning Emperor chick creche Huddling in the storm Diving for dinner Emperor field camp onlooker Emperor penguin pair A close encounter Emperor penguin colony Emperor penguin chicks A windy 'night' at the Emperor colony Penguins

South Pole Overnight

Amundsen-Scott Research Station At the Pole! Geographic South Pole Ceremonial South Pole marker South Pole Field Camp Sleeping Tents and Aircraft Geographic South Pole Sign Inside Main Tent Camp Looking Toward Amundsen-Scott Station Approaching the Pole Station Tour ANI Guests Outside Amundsen-Scott Station Passing the Pirrit Hills On board the Basler BT-67 Ceremonial Pole Reflection

Emperors & Explorers

Emperors & Explorers Penguin tracks Snow Petrel Emperor Penguin Camp Aerial At the Ceremonial Pole Emperor chicks in a storm Emperors and iceberg Emperors Near Berg Emperor penguin chicks Icebergs and sun Amundsen-Scott Research Station

Ski Last Degree

Heading South Which way is south? En route to 89S drop-off by Twin Otter The Drop-off The Ceremonial Pole Snack Break Parka, Pogies and Ruff Parhelion (sundog) Ski Last Degree Arrived! Relaxing in the evening sun Arrived! The final steps Ski team at Ceremonial South Pole Ski Last Degree Portrait On the march Sastrugi Ski team at Ceremonial South Pole South Pole reflection Table set for Celebration Dinner The end of the journey At the Ceremonial Pole

Antarctic Odyssey

X-country skiing at Union Glacier Hike to the Elephant Head Charles Peak Windscoop Ice Photography Pristine Views Over Union Glacier Building an igloo Snowmobile Excursion Overnight Ski Trip Blue ice at Union Glacier 'Beach' Antarctic lecture Alone in Antarctica Scenic Flight Over Hercules Inlet Hike at Elephant Head Valley Drake Icefall Hiker Elephants Head 'Elephant Head' Summit Drake Icefall Elephant's Head Excursion Guests in Antarctica Guest enjoys Charles Peak in fresh snow Drake Icefall Elephant's Head hike Fat bike Union Glacier Camp by Russ Hepburn

Climb Antarctica

Vertical Ice Off-widths in Antarctica! Summit of Mt Sutton Above the Clouds North Face of Hoinkes Peak Ruth on the summit of Sutton Union Glacier Peaks Scrambling on Gateway Peak View from Mt Sutton Mt Sporli Mt Dolence Dihedrals Mt Dolence Leading up Pyramid Peak Rossman Summit Ridge Central Couloir of Mt Rossman Climb Antarctica Union Glacier View Pyramid Peaks from field camp Climb Antarctica Climb Antarctica This could be you! First ascent of Mt Sporli - summit photo Summit of Mount Rossman Climb Antarctica Midnight Ridge

Ski Antarctica

Ski approach in Heritage Range Rossman Ski Tour Ski ascent of Mt Rossman Skiing an Antarctic face Day tour in the Ellsworths A misty day Boot top powder East Cove Glacier Ski Antarctica Field Camp Heading off Ski tour summit West Face of Mt Rossman

Mount Sidley

Setting of from High Camp Mt Sidley High Camp Climbing Sidley's east side Mt Sidley's lower slopes Setting off from Base Camp En route to Mt Sidley Mt Sidley West Ridge (aerial) View toward the caldera On the summit ridge Mt Sidley summit and caldera Snow 'mushrooms' on Mt Sidley summit ridge Route finding through snow 'mushrooms' More snow 'mushrooms' Heading toward the summit ridge Celebrating on the summit ALE guide Scott Woolums on Sidley's summit ridge On the summit On the summit ridge Mts Sidley and Waesche Returning to base camp Relaxing at base camp Mt Sidley Route - annotated

Ski South Pole - Hercules Inlet

Ski mask Ski South Pole field camp View from the tent Sled hauling with big skies Flight to Hercules Inlet drop off Field Camp Sastrugi Pristine Antarctica - The Pirrit Hills Arrived! On the march Approaching the Pole Camp Setup Cooking in the tent Ski South Pole skier en route Ski South Pole skier en route At the South Pole skier with fur ruff Ski South Pole Tent

Ski South Pole - Messner Start

Ski South Pole Messner team heads out for mini-expedition Nunataks peeking out of the ice sheet Camping In Sastrugi Ski South Pole Messner team Ski Team Reaches Ceremonial South Pole On the march Sastrugi Crevasses Skiing in white-out Skiers From Above Ski Team Twin Otter skier hauls sled Ski Team Ski Expeditioner Ski Team

Ski South Pole - Axel Heiberg

Lower Axel Heiberg Glacier Ready to Go! Expedition Drop-off Steeper Ground Cliffs Below Amundsen Icefall Sled Hauling Route Finding Through Crevasses Climbing Up to the First Bench Hard Work Hauling Uphill Crevasses Snow Covered Peaks Surround the Glacier On the Plateau - Something to Celebrate! Lunch Break on the Plateau Easier Terrain Above the Icefall Nearly on the Plateau

Custom Expeditions

Moon Regan Transantarctic Expedition 2010 Numis Polar Challenge expedition The Pole of Inaccessibility Christian Eide - Solo Unsupported record holder BBC filming Shackleton re-enactment Colin Bodill and Jennifer Murray at the South Pole Korean Green Expedition - Solar powered snowmobiles Michael McGrath - Pole2Pole Period clothing Follow the dragon Bio-inspired concept vehicle Skis in a storm Solo skier Julio Fiadi on the march To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield Skier at Ceremonial South Pole Christian Eide begins his record-breaking solo ski to the Pole Yoshifumi Oshima on fat bike Fat bike Ceremonial South Pole Simon and Jennifer Murray at the South Pole Shackleton's compass

Mount Tyree

North East Ridge of Mount Tyree Twin Otter at base camp Mount Tyree Base Camp Ski tracks leading up to Mount Tyree Seth and Pachi approach north east ridge Todd and Seth start lower portion of north east ridge Pachi climbs lower portion of the north east ridge Seth on lower section of route Seth climbing on ridge Pachi climbs the crux Rick climbs the crux couloir below high camp Rick and Victor reach High Camp High Camp on north east ridge Seth looks out from below High Camp Victor and Pachi prepare for summit day Rick and Seth depart high camp on summit day Rick and Seth below Grand Couloir Rick and Seth approaching Grand Couloir Rick rests before icy traverse to couloir Pachi and Victor climbing in the couloir Pachi and Rick on summit ridge Rick on the summit ridge Rick on summit of Mount Tyree Seth and Victor on summit of Mount Tyree Pachi on the summit of Mount Tyree Pachi on rappel Descending to high camp from summit Seth stands in the shadow of Mount Tyree during descent Rick and Victor return to base camp Rick returns to base camp Mount Tyree team Team flies back to Union Glacier

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