Our Destinations

Mount Vinson

Reach Antarctica’s highest peak, one of the coveted Seven Summits. Take on a mountaineering expedition in one of the most remote corners of the world and climb in challenging Antarctic conditions.

Emperor Penguins

Dive into the life of an emperor penguin while camping on the same sea ice thousands of birds call home at the remote Gould Bay Colony on the Weddell Sea coast.

South Pole

We offer two ways to reach the southernmost point on earth, by air and by ski. Fly to 90° South aboard a ski-equipped aircraft or embrace the spirit of early explorers with one of our challenging ski expeditions to the South Pole.

Union Glacier

Since 1987, we have flown modern day explorers to the interior of Antarctica to experience truly unique landscapes and take on incredible adventures. We will work closely with you to create your own a once in a lifetime journey. We offer several experiences around our main camp at Union Glacier to match your specific interests.

Mount Sidley

Experience the isolation and extreme conditions on the ultimate mountaineering expedition to Antarctica’s highest volcano, Mount Sidley.


Bring us your Antarctic dream and we will help make it a reality. We have the logistical capabilities and experience to provide support to almost any type of expedition to the interior of Antarctica. ALE’s expedition planning team is without a doubt the most experienced in the business. We draw on a wealth of historical data [...]

Three Glaciers Retreat

Three Glaciers is an exclusive retreat tucked away deep in the interior of Antarctica. Nestled at the base of Mount Sporli and at the head of three glaciers: the Schneider, the Schanz, and the Driscoll, this setting is the definition of remote. Here in the Heritage Range of the Ellsworth Mountains, majestic peaks rise in [...]

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