Amundsen and Scott Reflections

October 19th 1911. Scott bides his time at Cape Evans, his South Pole departure set for November 1. Amundsen is ready to set-off as soon as the ‘storms and gales’ abate. The race to the Pole is about to begin…

A century later the triumph and tragedy of Amundsen and Scott still fascinate and inspire us. Armchair adventurers and polar explorers alike will enjoy these online photo galleries, journal excerpts, chronologies and exhibits that bring these two great explorers to life and provide an intimate view of their expeditions.

Historic Polar Image Galleries


British Antarctic Expedition 1910-13 (photos by Herbert Ponting)

Third Fram Expedition slideshow (Amundsen’s South Pole Expedition)

Profiles and Journals

Roald Amundsen

Robert Falcon Scott

Live Exhibitions and Events

Chronologies and Comparisons

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