The Ilyushin Has Landed

ALE’s First Flight of the Season

ALE’s first Ilyushin flight of the 2012 season landed safely at Union Glacier on Oct 30. Weather conditions were ideal for the landing and the Ilyushin crew reported that the runway was in excellent condition. The flight carried core ALE staff and one expedition, Aaron Lindsau. Lindsau hopes to be the first American to ski from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back, without any re-supplies and without wind/kite assistance.

A solo return journey from the edge of the continent to the South Pole, without re-supply and without kite assistance, is arguably one of the most demanding journeys that can be undertaken in Antarctica. Only four expeditions have previously attempted this feat. Two failed and two were successful. In 2011 a Norwegian soloist Aleksander Gamme completed the first return journey from Hercules Inlet to South Pole and back to Hercules Inlet without resupply or kiting. He waited close to Hercules Inlet and finished the journey with James Castrission and Justin Jones ‘Cas and Jonesy’ from Australia who completed the same challenge.

Lindsau is the first of our 2012 expeditions to arrive in Antarctica. Check back for progress of ALE expeditions over the next few months and details on our Experiences.

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