Marathon Flame Travels to Union Glacier

ALE is excited to announce that the iconic ‘Marathon Flame’ has arrived in Antarctica for the 8th Antarctic Ice Marathon on 21 November 2012 at Union Glacier. Greek-Cypriot marathon runner and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Mr Nasos Ktorides, carried the Flame on its first visit to Antarctica.

Richard Donovan, organizer of the Antarctic Ice Marathon, says “When Pheidippides ran the first ever marathon from Marathon to Athens in 490BC, he was giving news of a victory over seemingly insurmountable odds. I’m certain the Marathon Flame’s first appearance on the seventh continent will inspire the runners to be victorious in finishing the race, despite the seemingly insurmountable odds Antarctica can sometimes present. The Flame’s presence in Antarctica will also demonstrate the truly global outreach of the Marathon Movement and its ideals.”

The Marathon Flame was created by the Athens Classic Marathon Organising Committee, the Hellenic Athletics Federation (SEGAS) and the Municipality of Marathon at a special ceremony near the Tomb of the Athenians in 2007. It has been adopted by AIMS (The Association of International Marathons and the road running affiliate of IAAF) and of the Marathon Movement worldwide. The Flame burns as a symbol of peace and hope and serves to convey the Olympic ideals of fair competition, the promotion of participation in sports as a way of life, and the comradeship of people of all countries and races.

Mr Vassilis Sevastis, President of SEGAS, says “It was a great honour for the Federation and the Marathon Flame itself to receive the request (for the flame to travel to Antarctica). We were very glad to accept it and we are confident the Flame will be treated in a very special way.”

So far the Flame has travelled to four continents (Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa) and to big city marathons such as Boston, Chicago, Prague and Mumbai. Following its visit to Antarctica, Mr Ktorides will take the flame to the Quantum Nicosia Marathon in Cyprus, which he organises.

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