2013 Expedition Line-up

The Antarctic season fast approaches and expedition teams are getting ready to head south. Here is the line-up of 2013 ALE-supported expeditions.

2013 Antarctic Expedition Line-up


The Scott Expedition – Ben Saunders and Tarka L’Herpiniere

Arguably the most gruelling expedition of 2013. British adventurers Ben Saunders and Tarka L’Herpiniere will attempt to re-trace and complete Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s 1,800 mile (2,900 km) Terra Nova Expedition route from Ross Island to the South Pole and back. The Scott Expedition will undertake the journey on foot, without resupply and without the use of snow-kites or other wind assistance. http://scottexpedition.com/


The Pink Polar Expedition – Geoff Wilson

Geoff Wilson’s ‘boob sled’ is sure to raise eyebrows and fulfill the Pink Polar Expedition’s aim to promote breast cancer awareness and raise funds for the McGrath Foundation. Geoff and his boob sled will set out from Novolazarevskaya in November, using skis and kite power to traverse the continent. His route will take him through the South Pole and onwards to Hercules Inlet. Geoff is no stranger to extremes, having completed crossings of the Sahara and Simpson Deserts and also the first kite crossing of the Torres Strait.


Willis Resilience Expedition 2013 – Parker Liautaud and Doug Stoup

The Willis Resilience Expedition is a 40 day expedition to collect scientific data, pilot a new model of weather station and attempt a speed record from the Antarctic Coast to the South Pole. Parker and the team will fly in to Union Glacier, then drive their custom-built Willis truck to the Leverett Glacier on the far side of Antarctica. Along the route, Parker will complete a program of scientific study and deploy an innovative, lightweight weather station. Reaching Leverett Glacier, Parker and teammate Doug Stoup (Ice Axe Expeditions) will change to skis in an attempt to set a new ‘Coast to Pole’ speed record. They hope to cover the 397 miles (640km) in 22 days. In achieving the distance, Parker will also become the youngest male to ski from the coast to the South Pole. www.willisresilience.com/the-expedition/


Richard Parks

Former Welsh rugby star, Richard Parks returns to Antarctica this season. Parks first traveled to Antarctica in 2010, as part of his 737 Challenge – a 7 month expedition to climb the 7 Summits and venture the last degree to The South Pole and Geographic North Pole. In 2012 he attempted a full traverse from the coast of Antarctica to the Pole, but was forced to abandon his expedition only 190 km from his goal. This season, Parks has upped the anty again. He plans to ski solo and unsupported, without aid of kites or re-supplies, along the route from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole.


Youngest to the Pole – Lewis Clarke

Lewis Clarke hopes to become the youngest person ever to ski from the edge of the Antarctic continent to the South Pole. Lewis is no stranger to adventure and challenge. At age tweleve, he was one of a team of six, who swam the English Channel. Lewis will ski from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole, accompanied by ALE guide Carl Alvey. The expedition will raise money for The Prince’s Trust, which gives young men and women a helping hand to gain confidence and reach their potential. http://youngesttosouthpole.wordpress.com/


ALE Ski South Pole – Messner

ALE’s 2013 Ski South Pole Messner expedition will include an international team. Joshua Hodgkinson (Australia), and Wen Yuan (China), will be joined by veteran ALE guide Devon McDiarmid (Canada). The team will fly to Antarctica on November 23 and aim to complete the trip in roughly 45 days. This will be Devon’s third Antarctic traverse. We wonder if he is vying for Hannah McKeand’s record of six South Pole expeditions!


3 Below Zero – Marty and Chris Fagan

Marty and Chris Fagan, from North Bend Oregon, plan to journey as a married couple, with no guide or re-supply, from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole along the ‘Messner Start’ route. They can’t wait to experience Antarctica’s wild and pristine environment and are looking forward to the adventure, challenge, and life memories that their South Pole expedition will bring. The couple hope that their expedition will inspire others to imagine possibilities that seem beyond their reach, to push outside their comfort zones, and reach their full potential. Why call the expedition 3 Below Zero? Check out their website for find out… http://3belowzero.com/about/


Antony Jinman

School kids around the world will be able to connect with Antony Jinman and check his progress during his solo, ski expedition from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole. Jinman has created a profile on the Education Through Expeditions website, an initiative that brings innovative ways of teaching, through distance learning. Jinman will use his expedition to teach people about the environment at the South Pole and also to show people how important it is to do regular exercise and eat healthily. He expects his 730 mile expedition, along the Hercules Inlet route, will take around 55 days.

Vesa Luomala

Vesa Luomala will also ski solo from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole with no re-supply. Luomala is a member of the Finnish Arctic Club. In 2006 he crossed Greenland with fellow Finn, Eoro Oura (who skied to
the South Pole with ALE in 2012).

The South Pole Epic (Bike Ride)

Daniel Burton, owner of Epic Biking will ride a bike from Hercules Inlet on the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole. If he suceeds, he will be the first person to ride a bike from the coast to the South Pole. Daniel wants to inspire people to get out and be active. For Daniel that is biking, so he hopes that his trip to the South Pole will inspire others to get out and ride a bike. Whether it’s biking or some other activity, Daniel emphasizes that the most important thing is to find an activity that you enjoy and you can do on a regular basis. Daniel also encourages people to donate to the American Diabetes Association, or to get involved with some other diabetes, cancer, or health related foundation. For more information about Daniel’s expedition, or ways to donate, see http://epicsouthpole.blogspot.ca/

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