In the Spotlight - Tim Hewette

Name: Tim Hewette
Role: Field Operations Manager
1st ALE Season: 2006
Nationality: USA

Why did you want to work in the Antarctic? What was the attraction?

Most of the extreme experiences in my life were fostered by simple curiosity, Antarctica was no different. I knew “The Ice” had been the stage for many historical epics and figured I’d have to have a look, or I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. As a professional mountain guide, a job in the Antarctic was an obvious avenue for adventure.

My attraction to Antarctica is multi-faceted. I was drawn by the knowledge that it was as far away from “normal life” as I’d ever get, but I was most drawn by the potential for an epic challenge in what I regarded as the utmost definition of wilderness. All I knew about Antarctica was that it was a cold, harsh environment that was ripe with adventure and hardship…..need I say more?

How did you start working for ALE ? Have you always done deep-field work?

Like most great opportunities, the ALE connection came by word of mouth. In 2006 professional climber and author, Freddie Wilkinson, suggested to ALE that I would be a good candidate as a polar and mountaineering guide. I had worked alongside Freddie in Alaska and he knew I had a knack for carrying heavy things in cold places.

Deep-field work encompasses 95% of my professional repertoire. I definitely enjoy urban luxuries and periodic social contact, however far off places inevitably capture my interest and pull me away time after time.

What are your greatest challenges working in a deep field operation?

Deepfield operations bring both personal and professional challenges. Extreme logistics and safety concerns are always paramount in the professional realm, but the hardest part is being away from home. Fortunately my closest friends and family empathize with my yearning to chase remote endeavors and still talk to me when I get home!

What do you love best about your work with ALE?

The people. No question there. I came down to Antarctica to find adventure and what I found was an identity. From clients to co-workers, working with ALE puts me in contact with some of the most interesting people on this planet.

What do you do for the rest of the year, when you are not in the Antarctic

When I’m away from Antarctica, I take part in ALE’s off-season planning, as well as manage my company Remote Endeavors. When I can avoid work, I enjoy climbing, hunting, paragliding, travel (big surprise), and just about any new experience I can get my hands on. Thus far, curiosity and contrast have defined my life, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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