Topping Out on Mount Vinson...again

ALE has just completed another 100% successful Mount Vinson expedition. But that’s not surprising, given that ALE has some of the most experienced High Altitude and Antarctic mountain guides in the world.

All V2 Guests Summit Mount Vinson

All nine guests on our V2 Experience summited, together with three ALE guides on 13th December. The team had good weather for their summit bid despite mixed weather conditions during the course of the climb. Our guests flew from Vinson Base Camp to Union Glacier on December 16 and transferred directly to an Ilyushin flight for Punta Arenas, Chile.


Experienced High Altitude and Antarctic Guides

The four ALE staff left at Vinson Base are tidying the camp and getting everything ready for our V3 guests who are due to arrive in the next few days. Sitting around the dinner table, the conversation turned to multiple ascents of ‘popular’ mountains.

It turns out that between them, these four individuals (2 Nepali and 2 British) have made 35 ascents of Mount Everest and 41 ascents of Mount Vinson*. Not a bad record for four individuals enjoying a steak dinner at a remote camp in Antarctica’s Ellsworth Mountains. But then, ALE does have some of the world’s most experienced High Altitude and Antarctic mountain guides.

An ascent of Mount Everest or Mount Vinson is an impressive feat. Among guides, respect is well-deserved for those whose ascents reach double figures. Congratulations to both guests and guides on your hard-earned achievements!

* If you exclude the most junior member of the party with a mere 1 ascent of Everest and 2 ascents of Vinson, the record of the other three is even more impressive – but everyone has to start somewhere and we do believe in giving youngsters a chance to learn from older more experienced guides 🙂


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