2014-15 South Pole Expedition Lineup

Antarctique Solo – Solo Kite Skiing Traverse

Route: Novolazarevskaya – Pole of Inaccessibility – South Pole – Hercules Inlet – Union Glacier
Skier: Frédéric Dion (Canada), Solo

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Canadian Frédéric Dion’s first objective is to make a solo journey to the Pole of Inaccessibility unsupported (without resupplies). But that’s not his only destination this season on his solo kite skiing traverse. His traverse will continue through the South Pole, Hercules Inlet, and finally Union Glacier. His challenging expedition began on November 9 and since then he’s encountered several issues with his sled. Recently, he made the difficult decision to continue on to the Pole of Inaccessibility with his patched sled vs. detouring to accept a new sled from polar adventurer, Dixie Dansecour, which would have voided his solo status. 

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Runners to the Pole

Route: Messner Start – South Pole – Hercules Inlet
Skiers: Stéphanie & Jérémie Gicquel (France) & Are Johansen (Norway)

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French couple & ultra runners, Stéphanie & Jérémie began planning their Antarctic expedition four years ago after a visit to the Antarctic Peninsula. Their long distance running experience and love of polar regions inspired them to take on a demanding Antarctic traverse this season. First they’ll ski from the Messner Start 580 miles (934 km) to the South Pole. Their second leg returns them to the Antarctic coast and culminates at Hercules Inlet after 730 miles (1170 km). They will pick up resupplies along the route. Are Johansen, a Norwegian with extensive ski traverse experience, will be accompanying the couple and he estimated the expedition would take 75-80 days to complete. ALE dropped the team off at the Messner Start by Twin Otter on November 14.

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Faysal Hanneche_short_contrast-adj_0Expédition Transantarctic 2014

Route: Novolazarevskaya – South Pole – Hercules Inlet
Skier: Faysal Hanneche (France), Solo

Faysal will make his second attempt to reach the South Pole by kite-skiing and traversing on foot unsupported (no resupplies). On November 14, he arrived at the Russian station, Novolazarevskaya, to begin his solo expedition with the ultimate goal of crossing the continent through the Geographic South and culminating at Hercules Inlet on the coast. ALE will be monitoring the second half of his journey from the South Pole to Hercules Inlet and will provide air transport upon completion of his expedition.

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South Pole All the Way Expedition

Route: Hercules Inlet – South Pole
Guide Company: Adventure Consultants
Guide: Einar Finnsson (Iceland)
Skiers: Hugh Dougall (Canada), Tim Garrett (Australia), & William Morrison (UK)

Led by Adventure Consultants guide Einar Finnsson from Iceland, this South Pole All the Way 2014/15 team of four departed ALE’s Union Glacier camp on November 24 by Twin Otter.

Einar_Finnsson_en_route_to_Punta_Arenas_1They started at Hercules Inlet and will traverse 730 miles (1170 km) over the next two months to reach the Pole. Along the route they will receive three resupplies. Tim Garrett is from Australia, Hugh Dougall is from Canada, and William Morrison is from the United Kingdom.

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ALE Ski South Pole Expedition

Route: Messner Start – South Pole
Guide Company: Adventure Network International
Guide: Rob Smith (UK)
Skiers: Julian Thomas (UK), Paula Reid (UK), Arabella Slinger (UK), &Vincent Piguet (Switzerland)

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Adventure Network International guide, Rob Smith, has been leading this team of five from the Messner Start since November 25. The team trained together earlier this year in the UK prior to meeting up in Chile. A couple of the skiers will be raising money for their favorite charities as part of their South Pole journey. Julian will be raising money for the chari
ty, Bliss, which supports premature and sick infants and their families. Paula is raising funds to support Gutsy Gastros, a charity that supports children with chronic bowel, intestinal, and gastric disorders. As an added bonus, reaching the South Pole is one of 140 things on her personal bucket list. Vincent Piquet is a former rugby player & lieutenant colonel; he’s aiming to be the third Swiss to accomplish this South Pole expedition.

ANI Team CropAnd finally, we’re glad to welcome Arabella back this season as injury prevented her from participating in last year’s expedition. Their ALE guide, Rob Smith, is a British polar guide, mountaineer and military medic. Rob’s been working in Antarctica since 2000 and has travelled over 6,000 km on the continent. He has extensive high altitude mountaineering experience on Himalayan peaks including 2 Everest summits and Makalu. 

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South Pole Solo 2014

Route: Messner Start – South Pole
Skier: Newall Hunter (UK), Solo

Newall Hunter

Scottish born, Newall Hunter has a busy Antarctic season underway that includes a solo ski expedition to the South Pole followed by a Mount Vinson summit. Both goals are part of his long-term aspiration to complete the Explorers Grand Slam, climbing all Seven Summits and skiing to both geographic North & South Poles. Newall departed ALE’s Union Glacier camp on November 25 for the Messner Start. He will have two resupplies en route to the Pole. Upon reaching the South Pole, Newall will return to Union Glacier via ski aircraft in early January in order to begin his Mount Vinson climb. This expedition is also a test-run for the 2015 Shackleton Trans-Antarctic Centenary Expedition, a team attempt to complete Sir Ernest Shackleton’s planned 1915 crossing of Antarctica and we look forward to his return to the continent in October 2015 as part of that team. www.shackleton2015.com/

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2014 Full South Pole Ski Expedition

Route: Messner Start – South Pole
Guide Company: Polar Explorers
Guide: Keith Heger (USA)
Skiers: Ian Evans (Canada), Andy Styles (UK), & Bradley Cross (UK)

Polar Explorers SP Team

The team of four began their expedition on November 25 from the Messner Start after being transported from ALE’s Union Glacier Camp via ski aircraft. PolarExplorers guide, Keith Heger, from the US will lead the expedition. Keith has guided more than a dozen North Pole, South Pole, and Greenland Crossing expeditions. He guides an eclectic group of adventurers including Ian Evans who is aiming to be the oldest Canadian to ski from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole and is fundraising for the Centre Wellington Community Foundation. From the UK, Bradley Cross has never been in arctic conditions and “has only skied twice so he is going to have to learn fast”. Bradley will be raising money for Marie Curie Cancer Care and is an avid world traveler who loves pushing his body to its limits. Also from the UK, Andy Styles walked to North Pole in 2013 and will be raising money for Barnardo’s which helps care for vulnerable children & young adults by offering support, advice, and protection.   

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