Russian Climbers Safe on Mount Vinson


Russian Climbers Are Safe on Mount Vinson, Antarctica

Union Glacier, Antarctica – January 14, 2015

Earlier today, various international media outlets began reporting a loss of communication with members of the Russian parliament who are currently in Antarctica.  However, these reports are inaccurate and all climbers are safe and well.  The Russian members are currently participating in a guided ascent of Mount Vinson as part of an Adventure Network International (ANI) team.  Their team travelled from Low Camp yesterday and is currently resting at High Camp.  From High Camp their guide will assess weather conditions and select a suitable day for a summit attempt.

It is likely the Russian climbers were unable to connect with contacts back in Russia, leading to the incorrect assumption that they were ‘lost’.  Various factors including weather conditions and terrain in Antarctica can impede satellite connectivity.  ANI continues to maintain regular contact with the Russian team throughout their ascent.  To achieve this, ANI guides carry an Iridium satellite phone and a secondary two-way communication device and report in at fixed intervals to Vinson Base Camp.

As the most experienced operator working deep in Antarctica, ANI sets a high safety standard.  Everything starts with creating a safe environment for guests, staff, and the environment itself.  On Mount Vinson, ANI has a well-developed system of camps, caches, fixed ropes and radio repeaters that give us a virtual ‘handrail’ from base camp to the summit.  In addition to the guided teams on the mountain, ANI have Ranger Patrols who roam the mountain providing back-up as well as monitoring for crevasse, serac, and avalanche hazards.  Since 2006, ANI guided groups have maintained a high success rate with more than 95% of guests reaching the summit of Mount Vinson.


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About Adventure Network International – Pioneers of private flight to Antarctica in 1985 and specialists in the region for more than 25 years, Adventure Network International (ANI) is the premier provider of land-based Antarctic experiences.  ANI offers a wide range of Antarctic adventures to suit every guest’s ultimate goal.  From its blue-ice runway and base camp at Union Glacier, guests can venture to the summit of Mount Vinson, fly to the South Pole, journey to the Emperor Penguin colony at Gould Bay, or attempt a ski expedition in the spirit of early explorers.  ANI lets you explore the heart of Antarctica.

ANI is a Member of the International Association Antarctica Tour Operators and fully subscribes to the principle of safe and environmentally responsible travel to the Antarctic. ANI is authorized to operate in Antarctica by the US Government. ANI guests travel to Antarctica under ANI’s authority.

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