Camp Improvements

We’re always looking for ways to enhance our guests’ experience in Antarctica. Since moving our main camp to Union Glacier in 2010, we’ve made major investments in infrastructure and equipment. The trend continues this season with three new structures, two major pieces of equipment, a new fleet of cross-country skis, and additional fat tire bikes.

Walt in Phone Booth Website

New Buildings

Medical Center: A new 16 ft x 20 ft ski-mounted pre-fabricated structure will replace the medical tent, providing more privacy for guest consulations, as well as better year-round storage for medical equipment and supplies.
Field Guide Store: The new 16 ft x 20 ft ski-mounted pre-fabricated field guide store is already on its way to Chile. It will be used in combination with the existing store, allowing for much better access to equipment including a the new cross-country skis and fat tire bikes.
Phone Booth: A two compartment phone booth will provide privacy and comfort for guests making Iridium phone calls.

Front End Loader WebsiteNew Equipment

Caterpiller Front End Loader: The 928Hz loader shown will be used as a backup to the current 950H for snowblowing. Its primary use will be for aircraft loading and unloading.
Caterpiller Skid Steer: This little 297D loader will be the camp workhorse used to fetch snow for snow melters, move cargo around camp, lift tent floors, and load aircraft.

Arctic Oven Tent WebsiteTent Testing

We’re always considering new alternatives for guest accommodation but so far we’ve yet to find a replacement for our beloved Clam Tents. In 2015, Arctic Oven tents will be trialed and we welcome your feedback on their functionality.

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