This Talented Team Will Bring Invaluable Skills, Perspective and Enthusiasm to Participate in Research about Micro Plastics and Ongoing Polar Protection

Salt Lake City, Utah November 2019 – An expert panel reviewed tens of thousands of applications who submitted to be part of the Airbnb Antarctic Sabbatical, in partnership with the Ocean Conservancy with logistical support from adventure tour operator, Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions (ALE). The final five volunteers have been announced and are excited about the possibility to contribute to positive environmental changes and responsible tourism. Chosen from a substantial number of potential volunteers the Antarctic citizen science team represent a range of experiences and nationalities who will spend a month contributing to micro plastics research with their host, scientist Kirstie Jones-Williams.

When it comes to responsible tourism ALE is a leader in Antarctic expeditions and responsibly curated itineraries, providing on ice transportation, aircraft, communications, meteorological services, accommodation and expert guides for the Antarctic Sabbatical. The citizen science team will train in Punta Arenas, Chile, then explore Union Glacier, the South Pole, the Three Glaciers Retreat area in the Heritage Range of the Ellsworth Mountains. The Sabbatical’s itinerary includes collecting snow samples and learning about the geological and glaciological (rock and ice) significance of each location, taking away invaluable experience from this once in a lifetime experience.

The outreach and awareness of the Antarctic Sabbatical along with adherence to the IAATO (International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators) strict conservation guidelines provides an opportunity to address the need for effective research and lessening human impact on the environment. “Protecting the fragile environment of Antarctica has been part of the ALE brand and guest education from the beginning,” states David Rootes, a Managing Partner of ALE. The collaboration between Airbnb, the Ocean Conservancy and ALE is focused on understanding human impact on the earth.

Each volunteer will be completely immersed in Antarctic life, contributing to environmental awareness and sharing their research on micro plastics with the world. The five volunteers bring varied backgrounds as an Assistant University Professor, World Wildlife Fund employee, community advocate, sustainability development director and start up founder.

Follow the Antarctic Sabbatical through the Airbnb website and Sabbatical landing page along with updates on the ALE website. For travelers interested in visiting the seventh continent it is encouraged you travel with a member of IAATO such as ALE that has pledged to uphold the standards of safe and responsible tourism. A limited number of travelers visit Antarctica each year and ALE is happy to be working with responsible brands throughout the Airbnb Antarctic Sabbatical.


About Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions: Specializing in expeditions to Antarctica’s deep interior, Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions  provides 26 unique adventure travel experiences along with camp services, communications, travel safety, air support, overland support, meteorology and full logistic services. With a diverse international team and unparalleled access to remote camps and retreats, ALE is led by passionate and seasoned partners and highly sought teams to provide exceptional experiences. ALE is a Member of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators ( and fully subscribes to the principle of safe and environmentally responsible travel to the Antarctic. More at

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