The World's Southermost Marathon 2019

If you thought about running an Antarctic Ice Marathon you’re not the only one. The popular, once-in-a-lifetime race is sold out for the season and no doubt those who have secured their spot are brimming with excitement. The southernmost marathon takes place at 80° south, just a few hundred miles from the South Pole in the interior of Antarctica. The climate alone creates an intense challenge that is a draw for many to compete, whether it’s their first marathon or they’re setting a goal to complete the marathon grand slam – a marathon on all seven continents and the North Pole.

Runners are notoriously dedicated athletes, getting a run in rain, snow or shine. For many long time runners they may not remember every detail of each race but the first marathon lives on in their mind, mile by mile, capturing a special place in their memories. If you’ve already signed up or are thinking about it for next year,  the training required for the Antarctic Ice Marathon and 100k entail the same basic training that is required for a regular road marathon or ultramarathon, according to the Ice Marathon website. Stating “There is a variety of training resources and plans on the Internet that generally involve schedules of 15-20 weeks preparation.” Find more resources on training and prepping for polar terrain on their website.

In just a few days Runbuk Inc. and ALE will welcome runners to Union Glacier for the annual Antarctic Ice Marathon and a truly formidable Antarctic challenge. For those interested in a shorter distance, the Frozen Continent Half Marathon of 13.1 miles (21km) presents a considerable challenge over the same hushed, indomitable terrain.

ALE is the logistics partner for the Ice Marathon and takes into account detailed risk management and contingency planning that allow for the remote and harsh Antarctic environment. Preparations include detailed emergency planning and equipment to deal with all eventualities. We are here to support those tackling the wild landscape of Antarctica and those who run for the challenge and are an inspiration to others.

Have you logged your running hours?


Marathon: December 12-14th, 2019. See the full schedule of events and departures at and follow updates on Facebook @AntarcticMarathon

The 2020 Antarctic Ice Marathon is scheduled for December 13th, 2020. Registration is open.

*These events are supported by ALE and organized by RunBuk, previously run by Polar Running Adventures.

*All photos are owned by © Mark Conlon/Antarctic Ice Marathon used here with permission.

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