In the Spotlight Stephanie Taylor

Name: Stephanie Taylor
Role: Sales Specialist
1st ALE Season: 2011
Nationality: USA

After working in the Salt Lake City office for 10 years and visiting Antarctica twice, Steph has seen many sides of ALE. We asked her about some of her most memorable experiences, both on the ice and off…


What has been your highlight?

Obviously my “highlight” would be my experiences in Antarctica. I’ve been lucky enough to experience:

  • Union Glacier – Yummy deserts, mingling with guests, relaxing in a comfy Clam tent.
  • Vinson Base Camp – The amazing view from the toilet!
  • EMPS – Turning around to find a penguin right behind you, staring at you.
  • South Pole – Just pretty cool to know you are standing there…
  • Three Glaciers Retreat – So beautiful and peaceful. Really unreal.

What was your worst moment?

Probably my worst or embarrassing moment was actually on the flight to the Pole when I suddenly got altitude sickness and I had to be stripped of all my heavy clothing by David before I passed out and was given oxygen in front of all the guests. I was so sick for the whole rest of the South Pole visit that it was extremely miserable.

Tell us a funny story about working at ALE

Our Salt Lake City team work closely together and it’s not surprising that they have a lot of fun stories around their shared experiences. On one occasion there was an agent who insisted on working ONLY with Stephanie. In Steph’s words,

“The booking manager who had been working with the agent had gone above and beyond to meet the agent’s needs. But the agent only wanted to work with me because, they said, I ‘really cared’ about them. Of course ALL of us care about our agents and guests and work hard to provide excellent service – so it became a way to tease me at the office that I ‘really care about our guests’. For Christmas that year, Mel gave me a shirt that said, ‘Steph really cares’.”

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