In the Spotlight - Heather Bowers

Name: Heather Bowers
Role: Marketing and Public Relations Manager
1st Season: 2023
Nationality: USA

What first brought you to ALE?
I like to describe it as fate. I was scrolling through Indeed one day and saw a posting for this marketing job related to Antarctica. I screenshotted it and sent it jokingly to my friends who insisted that I apply. Later when I got an interview I remember asking the HR representative if this was real life (he assured me it was). I started researching all I could about the company, the continent, and the amazing employees that make it all happen. I fell in love and the rest is history.

What do you enjoy about marketing & public relations?
I love learning about what makes businesses tick, and then strategically sharing their story through data driven channels.

I first got my feet wet in marketing and public relations in the nonprofit world. One of the benefits of working with a small team is that I had the opportunity to manage a ton of aspects of the organization. From merchandise orders, event planning, media relations, and graphic design, I was a part of it all. In 2018 I made the switch over to an agency that specializes in internet marketing. I worked as an account manager, partner director then finally in business development. During my time there I learned the importance of understanding the customer’s journey and then making data driven decisions to optimize marketing and sales funnels.

I’m excited to be a member of the ALE team and help share our amazing services with the world.

What are some of your interests?
I’m a collector of hobbies and that comes with its own set of challenges. My current hobbies include performing at a local improv comedy club in Provo, mixed martial arts (MMA), and writing fantasy novels. Other hobbies that I’ve dabbled in include Spartan races, true crime, rock climbing, skiing, sketching, volleyball, home organizing, and cooking.

How did you get into improv?
I met an individual at a networking event who said he took improv classes to improve his public speaking and networking skills. I’ve always enjoyed public speaking and signed up for a class. Turns out I ended up really liking improv and ComedySportz really liked me. I kept taking classes and after 6 months performed on my first main stage show. Since then I’ve had the incredible pleasure of teaching the very same beginners improv class that I took at the start of my journey. Whether you’re interested in comedy or not, I highly recommend that everyone takes at least a beginner improv class. From learning how to fail, navigating rejection, overcoming social anxieties, and meeting some amazing people, improv can truly change lives.

Have you lived abroad?
I lived in Lima, Peru for a year and a half while I served a mission for my church. I cannot gush enough about the food there and if you ever are in SLC and have an inkling to try some Peruvian cuisine, the Inca is on me.

Where is your favorite place that you’ve traveled?
While every place has its own appeals and charms, Japan holds a special place in my heart. I had the opportunity to travel to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka in 2019 and have been itching to go back ever since. I like to eat my way through countries and Japanese food is one of my favorites. Some other places I’ve visited and loved include Kauai, Italy, and Maylasia.

What is one random fact about yourself that you can share with us?
I’m good at the arcade game Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). I describe this as a talent that I didn’t choose, but chose me. It has no real world application, but that doesn’t stop me from hitting up the local arcade now and again for a sweat session.

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