Campamento Glaciar Unión

ALE has a long-standing relationship with the Instituto Antártico Chileno (INACH) and the Fuerzas Armadas de Chile (Chilean armed forces) who provide logistic support for the Chilean Antarctic program.

Estación Polar Científica Conjunta Glaciar Unión

In January 2014, Chilean President Sebastián Piñera inaugurated the new Chilean Station at Union Glacier: Estación Polar Científica Conjunta Glaciar Unión.

The President has made several visits to Antarctica that, according to Piñera, “…symbolize our deep commitment as a country to the Antarctic continent. Chile is going to strengthen its presence and its contribution so that this continent can enable us to address the future and develop science and tourism.”  During one such visit to Union Glacier in January 2013, the President saw potential locations for the new Chilean station, to be managed jointly by Fuerzas Armadas de Chile and INACH.

Chile has long had an interest in this part of Antarctica; Teniente Arturo Parodi Alister station was established at Patriot Hills in 1996. The station was supported by Fuerza Aérea de Chile (FACh) and INACH, and studied glaciology, meteorology, geology and cartography. It was sited near to ALE’s Patriot Hills camp that provided flight and logistical support over the years. Parodi station was dismantled in 2013 to create the new EPCCGU station.

Moving the Base

An ALE tractor train went to Patriot Hills in late 2013 to help with the move from Patriot Hills to Union Glacier. ALE assisted with dismantling the old Parodi Station and transporting the modules and equipment.

Flights and Airfield Support

ALE has also provided intercontinental flights for cargo and personnel, airfield support for FACh C-130 and Twin Otter aircraft, and accommodation for Chilean personnel at Union Glacier camp.  We look forward to ongoing cooperation with the new Chilean base.

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Estación Polar Científica Conjunta Glaciar Unión (wikipedia) (EPCCGU inauguration news release)

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