Ann Bancroft

Posted  08/28/10 in Polar Explorers

Ann Bancroft is an American educator, explorer, environmentalist and leader, who is dedicated to inspiring women and girls to unleash the power of their dreams. She was the first woman to ski to both the North and South Pole and, along with Liv Arnesen, the first women to ski and sail across Antarctica’s landmass. Ann [...]

Professor Dame Jane Francis

Posted  08/28/10 in Polar Explorers

Professor Dame Jane Francis is the first female Director of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and a pioneering scientist, whose study of fossil plants and their use as tools for climate interpretation is recognized internationally. Academic Career and Polar Research Professor Jane Francis trained as a geologist at the University of Southampton. She went on [...]

Maria Klenova

Posted  08/28/10 in Antarctic History, Polar Explorers

Maria Klenova was a Russian and Soviet marine geologist and one of the founders of Russian marine science. Klenova spent nearly 30 years researching the polar regions. She was the first woman scientist to do research in Antarctica and was a contributor to the first Soviet Antarctic atlas. Early Life and Career Maria Klenova was [...]

Edith “Jackie” Ronne

Posted  08/28/10 in Antarctic History, Polar Explorers

Jackie Ronne was the first American woman to set foot on Antarctica. She and Jennie Darlington were the first women to overwinter in Antarctica, as members of the Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition (RARE).

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