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Subglacial Lake Ellsworth Review

Posted  07/31/14 in General Interest, Overland Transport

A review of the Subglacial Lake Ellsworth project was recently published in The Annals of Glaciology. The article included details of the Lake Ellsworth field experiment, the circumstances that led to its failure and the corrections required for future success. This UK project, involving the British Antarctic Survey, the National Oceanography Centre and several Universities, [...]

In the Spotlight - Simon Abrahams

IFMGA guide, Simon Abrahams, first traveled to Antarctica more than 20 years ago and is as at home on the peaks of Chamonix, as he is bagging first ascents in Antarctica's Ellsworth Mountains.

Seeing the Weather - One Station at a Time

Posted  04/2/14 in General Interest, Meteorology

Installing weather stations in the bitter-cold of Antarctica is all in a day’s work for Ronald Ross, an Australian-based independent electrical consultant. Ronald first collaborated with ALE in 2007, to design and install an automatic weather station (AWS) at the threshold of Patriot Hills ice runway.

In the Spotlight - Marc De Keyser

Posted  09/5/13 in General Interest, Meteorology

Weather forecasts play a key operational and safety role in ALE, whether it be a decision to launch an Ilyushin flight; planning ski aircraft movements; or a summit bid on Mount Vinson. ALE's forecaster, Marc De Keyser takes it all in stride.

In the Spotlight - Seth Timpano

Name: Seth Timpano Role: Travel Safety Manager 1st ALE Season: 2010 Nationality: USA Why did you want to work in the Antarctic? What was the attraction? Antarctica is one of the most extreme and remote places on the planet. It has endless potential for adventure and a unique beauty that is unsurpassed. It always has, and [...]

Belgrano Station Re-supply Completed

A final airdrop was made over Belgrano II station in Antarctica on February 15, successfully completing the annual re-supply. Nine flights were made over a two week period, delivering roughly 166 tonnes of cargo.

Lake Ellsworth LIVE

The ALE mechanical team has completed their first big project of the season, a 280 km tractor-train traverse to the Lake Ellsworth drilling site. The tractor-train loaded with equipment arrived at Lake Ellsworth on Saturday November 24, after a difficult journey through soft snow from Union Glacier Camp. ALE Team Preps Drill Site The mech [...]

The Flight that changed Antarctic Aviation

Posted  11/11/12 in Air Transport, General Interest

In 1987, Adventure Network International (ANI) made history by landing a privately operated wheeled aircraft in Antarctica. On November 22, 1987, Captain Jim Smith landed a Douglas DC-4 on a blue-ice airfield at Patriot Hills in the Ellsworth Mountains. This ground-breaking achievement changed the face of aviation in Antarctica, and paved the way for direct flights [...]

Extreme Antarctic Drilling

There is excitement in the air at ALE as we gear up for the new season, especially because of our logistic role in one of the top Antarctic science projects this year. Searching for Life in Antarctica’s Subglacial Lakes This season, after years of planning and logistic preparations, a team of British scientists and engineers [...]

Excellence in Remote Medicine

ALE has been nominated for the prestigious new EWM Excellence in Remote Medicine Award for our quality logistical and expedition support in Antarctica. Nominees for the award include the most inspiring personalities and companies associated with the Remote Medicine industry and we are honored to be included. The award will be presented on April 17, 2012 [...]

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