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2017 Expeditions Review

The 2017 Antarctic summer saw an impressive array of expeditions aiming to travel farther, travel faster, or travel more creatively. Some teams saw success while others were met with challenges, poor weather, and time constraints. As Leo Houlding wrote this season “Nothing is easy out here!”. Despite the difficulty of the journey, all of the [...]

Expedition Successes, Surprises & Routines

Posted  01/8/14 in Updates From The Field, Expeditions

Antarctic expeditions seldom play out as expected and this season is no exception. Catch up on the experiences, achievements, and lessons learned from our 2013 expedition teams. Richard Parks Richard Parks set a new British record and recorded the second fastest time in history for a solo, unsupported and unassisted journey to the South Pole. [...]

The Ilyushin Has Landed

ALE’s First Flight of the Season ALE’s first Ilyushin flight of the 2012 season landed safely at Union Glacier on Oct 30. Weather conditions were ideal for the landing and the Ilyushin crew reported that the runway was in excellent condition. The flight carried core ALE staff and one expedition, Aaron Lindsau. Lindsau hopes to [...]

Advance team arrive in Antarctica

ALE’s advance team have arrived at Union Glacier, Antarctica. The ski aircraft arrived safely last night with our team on board, after a two-stage flight from Punta Arenas. They report that the camp caches have over-wintered well and look in good shape. The blue-ice runway has little snow coverage and the snow surface around camp [...]

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