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Ralf Laier’s thirst for making first ascents in the Ellsworth Mountains is undiminished! In 2011, Laier made 10 first ascents with his ALE guides. In 2012 he returned for more… Laier, an ALE guest, continued his 2011 quest for adventure by making the first ascents of Mount Allen (3430m), Mount Liptak (3052m) and Robinson Peak (2040m) in 2012. [...]

Climb Antarctica & Mount Vinson Trip Report

It seemed a bit radical. Two young West Australians, with a fear of heights and flying, and no mountaineering or cold weather experience, embarking on a four-week adventure to climb Mount Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica. We left one of the hottest, flattest continents, bound for the coldest and highest one, with the words [...]

ALE Team at the Pole & Other Exped Updates

The ALE Ski South Pole Messner team has arrived at the South Pole and other expeditions supported by ALE are closing in. Here's a quick look at what they are doing and where they are at.

Results of 2012 Antarctic Ice Marathon

Posted  11/27/12 in General Interest, Trip Report

The results are in for the 2012 Antarctic Ice Marathon! The Men’s Race Dr Andrew Murray (GBR) won the men’s marathon in a new course record of 3:41.15 hrs. The 32 year old GP, who has run more than 50 marathons, said this was ‘one of his best’. Murray went on to run a 50km [...]

FT's Man at South Pole

Posted  01/28/12 in General Interest, Trip Report

Matthew Engel celebrates cricket and cherries at the South Pole, in his Financial Times’ review of his South Pole Flights experience. Matthew traveled as a guest of ALE for the celebrations held at the Geographic South Pole on January 17, exacly 100 years after Robert Falcon Scott and his team reached this spot. As [...]

The Heritage of Discovery

Posted  01/25/12 in Climb Antarctica, Trip Report

One mountaineer, two guides, three weeks, ten first ascents. Exploratory alpinism at its finest. In December 2011, when the rest of Antarctica was celebrating the centenary of the first journey to the South Pole, Ralf Laier made his own contribution to the history of Antarctic exploration. Over a period of three weeks, he and ALE [...]

Amundsen Centenary Wrap-up

Posted  12/27/11 in South Pole Overnight, Trip Report

Roald Amundsen’s great achievement of reaching the Geographic South Pole 100 years ago was celebrated in style this season. The Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, came to honor Amundsen’s expedition and unveiled a specially commissioned ice bust of the great man during a moving ceremony. Prime Minister Stoltenberg also met a number of Norwegian expeditions [...]

2010 Wrap Up - A Season of Firsts

Posted  03/9/11 in Trip Report

2010 topped the list of ‘Firsts’, even for ALE. Our first big news was the move from our long-time base at Patriot Hills to start the season at a new location on Union Glacier. The new camp setting is spectacular and our new, specially adapted passenger vans have opened up possibilities for scenic tours and [...]

New South Pole Ski Record Set

Posted  01/20/11 in Expeditions, Trip Report

Norwegian Christian Eide set a new solo unsupported, speed record from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole. Eide arrived at the Pole on 13 January, 2011. He averaged more than 29 miles per day to reach the South Pole in 24 days, 1 hour, 13 minutes. All we can say is “Wow!” Eide beat the [...]

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