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Ellsworth Mountains Maps

“Antarctica is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind bogglingly big it is.” * And knowing exactly where you are is important for explorers and expeditions. So what do they rely on? Well, maps, of course but because Antarctica is so huge, very little of it has been mapped. Existing Topographic Maps Whole [...]

2011-12 Expedition Wrap-up

Posted  02/16/12 in Expeditions, General Interest

Our 2011-12 season expeditions faced brutally cold early season temperatures and tough sledging conditions on historic and new routes to the South Pole. Expedition blogs described the ever-changing balance between the highlights and harsh realities of Antarctica, while cold and repetitive strain injuries; altitude and fitness concerns; and equipment problems took their toll on several [...]

The Heritage of Discovery

Posted  01/25/12 in Climb Antarctica, Trip Report

One mountaineer, two guides, three weeks, ten first ascents. Exploratory alpinism at its finest. In December 2011, when the rest of Antarctica was celebrating the centenary of the first journey to the South Pole, Ralf Laier made his own contribution to the history of Antarctic exploration. Over a period of three weeks, he and ALE [...]

Approaching the Scott Centenary

Posted  01/4/12 in Expeditions, General Interest

It has been 100 years since Robert Falcon Scott and his team arrived at the South Pole. But words from Scott’s journal echo across time, capturing the landscape, the physical and mental hardships of polar expeditions, and above all, the dreams that inspire polar explorers.

Amundsen Centenary Wrap-up

Posted  12/27/11 in South Pole Overnight, Trip Report

Roald Amundsen’s great achievement of reaching the Geographic South Pole 100 years ago was celebrated in style this season. The Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, came to honor Amundsen’s expedition and unveiled a specially commissioned ice bust of the great man during a moving ceremony. Prime Minister Stoltenberg also met a number of Norwegian expeditions [...]

2011 South Pole Expedition Updates

Posted  12/22/11 in Expeditions, General Interest

Our thoughts may be turning to holidays and the New Year, but for expeditions in Antarctica, it’s another day of snow, wind and marching toward the Pole. Some teams have completed their treks, while others continue skiing south. Arrived at South Pole Sorpolen 1911-2011 completed the second-ever overland expedition from the Bay of Whales to [...]

The Mountain is now Open

Posted  11/10/11 in General Interest, Mount Vinson

Vinson Base Camp is officially “Open” and the first guests have arrived. ALE staff flew into the base camp recently to prepare for the arrival of the first climbers of the season. The camp, located at 7020 ft (2140 m) on the Branscomb Glacier, has been unoccupied since the end of last January when everything [...]

And they're off...

Posted  11/2/11 in Expeditions, General Interest

Delays are to be expected – as any Antarctic explorer will tell you. Amundsen attempted to set off for the Pole on September 8, 1911 and was beaten back to Framheim by -58F (-50C) temperatures. He waited for 6 weeks before finally departing on October 19. The 2011 South Pole expeditions are now on their [...]

2011 Expeditions

Posted  10/11/11 in Expeditions, General Interest

South Pole expedition fever is high! 2011 marks the centenary of Amundsen’s and Scott’s expeditions to the South Pole. Historic events are top-of-mind and we are proud to support a number of Centenary expeditions. Many expeditions plan to arrive at the Pole either for Amundsen’s or Scott’s Centenary celebrations, paying homage to the courage and [...]

New South Pole Ski Record Set

Posted  01/20/11 in Expeditions, Trip Report

Norwegian Christian Eide set a new solo unsupported, speed record from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole. Eide arrived at the Pole on 13 January, 2011. He averaged more than 29 miles per day to reach the South Pole in 24 days, 1 hour, 13 minutes. All we can say is “Wow!” Eide beat the [...]

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