Posted  01/29/24 in Meteorology, Science

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ALE pioneers antenna installation in Antarctica to provide best-in-class meteorological capabilities and collect previously unobtainable satellite data. 29 January 2024, Salt Lake City, Utah – Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions (ALE) today announced the installation of a new satellite, the first high precision antenna positioner to be installed in the interior of West [...]

5 Tips When Planning Your Antarctica Emperor Penguin Tour

Posted  12/27/23 in General Interest

Emperor penguins are one of Antarctica’s unique beauties. As the world’s largest living penguin species, emperors are aptly named and their size, striking coloring, and remarkable life history make them a must-see for enthusiastic birders and adventurer travelers alike.  Due to the emperor penguins’ nomadic tendencies, remote locations of breeding grounds, and Antarctica’s unforgiving weather, [...]

2023 Expedition Roster

Each season Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions (ALE) is proud to support adventurers embarking on expeditions across Antarctica. These individuals have spent countless hours training, planning, and preparing for their journey. We admire their dedication and are honored to be their Antarctic partner. Join us in cheering on the following 2023 expeditions: Pole to Pole Route: [...]

In Memory of Alejo Contreras

Posted  11/14/23 in General Interest

Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions (ALE) is deeply saddened at the passing of Alejo Contreras, a prominent Antarctic expeditioner who was integral to the establishment and early operations of Adventure Network International (ANI), which later became ALE. Alejo dreamed of going to Antarctica since he was a child, a story he tells in his TedTalk regarding [...]

Travel to the South Pole

The bottom of the world, the globe’s most southern point… since the discovery of the Earth’s axis the South Pole has held a fascination for explorers and adventurers from all corners of the world. How does one get to the South Pole? Is it possible to travel there? Once you do make it, what is [...]

Skydiving for a Greater Cause

Posted  08/10/23 in General Interest

What makes people jump out of an aircraft, and what makes them want to break a world record while doing it? We talked to Nick Kush, one of the brains behind the Triple 7 , an expedition planned to break world records by skydiving on seven continents in seven days. It’s a sunny day in [...]

Criosfera 2 Installation

A new Brazilian scientific laboratory, the Criosfera 2, was installed this past summer on the Skytrain Ice Rise in Antarctica. The Criosfera 2, similar to its predecessor The Criosfera 1, is a completely self-sustaining laboratory. It uses only wind and solar energy to run year-round, as it collects meteorological information for the Brazilian National Institute [...]

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