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Criosfera 2 Installation

A new Brazilian scientific laboratory, the Criosfera 2, was installed this past summer on the Skytrain Ice Rise in Antarctica. The Criosfera 2, similar to its predecessor The Criosfera 1, is a completely self-sustaining laboratory. It uses only wind and solar energy to run year-round, as it collects meteorological information for the Brazilian National Institute [...]

In the Spotlight - Heather Bowers

Posted  05/2/23 in General Interest

Name: Heather Bowers Role: Marketing and Public Relations Manager 1st Season: 2023 Nationality: USA What first brought you to ALE? I like to describe it as fate. I was scrolling through Indeed one day and saw a posting for this marketing job related to Antarctica. I screenshotted it and sent it jokingly to my friends [...]

In the Spotlight - Darren McAulay

Posted  06/9/22 in General Interest

ALE guide Darren McAulay has helped guests reach Antarctic's highest summits, traverse its icy expanses, and experience the full breadth of what it has to offer. He also loves sharing his knowledge of the rocks, glacial features and processes that shaped the continent. We caught up with Darren at his home in the French Alps, [...]

In the Spotlight - Nestor Suan

Posted  05/19/22 in General Interest

Name: Nestor Suan Role: Head Chef 1st ALE Season: 2018 Nationality: Malaysia Working as an Antarctic chef has many challenges and rewards – and takes a special kind of person. Head chef Nestor Suan shares some insights into what brings him to Antarctica and the unique challenges of Antarctic cuisine. What brought you to work for [...]

2021 Expedition Round-up

The 2021 Antarctic season was one of the most challenging in ALE’s history, with an ongoing pandemic, disparate and changing travel regulations, and incredibly challenging Antarctic weather conditions. Despite this, an intrepid group of Antarctic expeditions set their sights on the South Pole and beyond. Here is a round-up of the 2021 season expeditions. The [...]

Reducing Exposure To Hazards

Our Travel Safety Team are always busy with behind the scenes work in Antarctica. Travel Safety manager Simon Abrahams and Mechanic Nigel Blenkharn recently travelled 1300km to deliver our Toyota Hilux to our South Pole Camp, where it will be used for logistical support. What’s the large object projecting from the front of the truck? [...]

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Posted  06/1/21 in General Interest

As of the 2022-23 season, ALE reverted to our standard Terms & Conditions. This means that our normal cancellation and refund policies apply. We strongly recommend that you take out trip cancellation insurance that includes COVID-19 coverage, to cover all eventualities. The health, safety and well-being of our guests and staff is of prime concern [...]

In the Spotlight Stephanie Taylor

Posted  03/17/21 in General Interest

After working in the Salt Lake City office for 10 years and visiting Antarctica twice, Steph has seen many sides of ALE. We asked her about some of her most memorable experiences, both on the ice and off...

In The Spotlight - Sue Staniland

Posted  03/8/21 in General Interest

Name: Sue Staniland Role: Punta Arenas Operations Manager 1st ALE Season: 2003 Nationality: New Zealand       What first brought you to work for ALE? I had previously worked for ANI in Patriot Hills in the 90s when Mike Sharp was camp manager. Mike became a partner when ALE was formed, they were looking for [...]

View the 2021 Total Solar Eclipse

Posted  12/4/20 in General Interest, Press Release, Trips

Salt Lake City, Utah – December 4, 2020 Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions (ALE), in collaboration with TravelQuest International (TQ), will be gathering a select group of guests to view the total solar eclipse on December 4, 2021, at the furthest possible point from their everyday lives: deep in the heart of Antarctica. In the early [...]

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