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In the Spotlight - Tom Hart

Posted  08/17/14 in General Interest, Science

Penguinologist Tom Hart loves penguins and is working hard to develop conservation strategies for them. So when he got the opportunity to visit an emperor penguin colony with ALE last year he jumped at the chance. We caught up with Tom recently to ask him about that experience and about his ongoing research.

Adventure Meets Science en Route to the Pole

Posted  12/12/13 in Expeditions, General Interest, Science

The Willis Resilience Expedition is a two-part Antarctic expedition, involving both scientific discovery and human endurance. 19-year-old explorer Parker, a sophomore at Yale University, and his team will conduct a coast-to-pole-to-coast survey, covering thousands of kilometers of untested Antarctic territory. Their data will contribute to a deeper understanding of global climate patterns. The expedition involves three separate, scientific projects : [...]

A View Into Korea's Antarctic Program

Posted  07/17/13 in General Interest, Science

The Korean Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) undertakes a world-class program in polar research, and with a modern new research facility in Seoul and a new Antarctic Station under construction, they are fulfilling their mission.

Future of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Posted  05/28/13 in General Interest, Science

The West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) is one of the key polar scientific puzzles for projecting the consequences of climate change. WAIS holds a potential 11-20 feet (3.3-6 meters) of global sea level rise and is inherently unstable because it is grounded on rock that lies well below sea level.

Water water everywhere...

Posted  02/18/13 in General Interest, Science

U.S. scientists have successfully drilled into Lake Whillans, a subglacial expanse of water hidden deep beneath the Antarctic ice sheet.

Lake Ellsworth Project called off

In the early hours of Christmas Day (Tuesday 25 December 2012) Professor Martin Siegert, Principal Investigator of the Subglacial Lake Ellsworth experiment, confirmed that the mission to drill into the lake has been called off for this Antarctic season. Drilling had been proceeding well, but was stopped when the team was unable to link the [...]

Lake Ellsworth LIVE

The ALE mechanical team has completed their first big project of the season, a 280 km tractor-train traverse to the Lake Ellsworth drilling site. The tractor-train loaded with equipment arrived at Lake Ellsworth on Saturday November 24, after a difficult journey through soft snow from Union Glacier Camp. ALE Team Preps Drill Site The mech [...]

Antarctic Weather Research

Antarctica is the highest, driest and most remote of all continents yet we know remarkably little about its weather and how it fits into the global picture. A new research project aims to change that...

Extreme Antarctic Drilling

There is excitement in the air at ALE as we gear up for the new season, especially because of our logistic role in one of the top Antarctic science projects this year. Searching for Life in Antarctica’s Subglacial Lakes This season, after years of planning and logistic preparations, a team of British scientists and engineers [...]

Quarrying the Antarctic for Climate

In 1773, Captain Cook described the great southern continent Terra Australis Incognita as ‘A country doomed by nature never once to feel the warmth of the sun’s rays but to lie forever buried under everlasting snow and ice.’  With these words Professor Chris Turney, from University of New South Wales, introduces his research into climate [...]

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