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New Lake Ellsworth Website

Posted  07/14/11 in General Interest, Science

The Sub-glacial Lake Ellsworth Consortium have launched a new website for the Lake Ellsworth drilling project. The website gives a great overview of the project, which will look for life in Antarctic sub-glacial lakes. There are sections on science goals; engineering and logistics challenges; and how the environment will be protected. The site also [...]

ALE named primary logistics provider

Posted  05/1/11 in Press Release, Science

ALE has been named as the primary logistics provider for a major scientific undertaking in West Antarctica. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office recently published a Draft Comprehensive Environmental Evaluation of the proposed exploration of Subglacial Lake Ellsworth. This project has two main aims: to determine the presence of life in an Antarctic subglacial lake; and [...]

ALE Supports Antarctic Science

Posted  04/3/11 in General Interest, Science

Scientists from the Centro de Estudios Cientificos, of Valdivia Chile, continued glacier flow rate and bedrock studies in the Ellsworth Mountains, using ground penetrating radar. During their 2010 fieldwork they extended our knowledge of sub-glacial lakes near Lake Ellsworth. We were pleased to once again host a team from the National Science Foundation’s POLENET project. The [...]

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