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Mount Vinson

History Repeating

Ralf Laier’s thirst for making first ascents in the Ellsworth Mountains is undiminished! In 2011, Laier made 10 first ascents with his ALE guides. In 2012 he returned for more… Laier, an ALE guest, continued his 2011 quest for adventure by making the first ascents of Mount Allen (3430m), Mount Liptak (3052m) and Robinson Peak (2040m) in 2012. [...]

Climb Antarctica & Mount Vinson Trip Report

It seemed a bit radical. Two young West Australians, with a fear of heights and flying, and no mountaineering or cold weather experience, embarking on a four-week adventure to climb Mount Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica. We left one of the hottest, flattest continents, bound for the coldest and highest one, with the words [...]

The Mountain is now Open

Posted  11/10/11 in General Interest, Mount Vinson

Vinson Base Camp is officially “Open” and the first guests have arrived. ALE staff flew into the base camp recently to prepare for the arrival of the first climbers of the season. The camp, located at 7020 ft (2140 m) on the Branscomb Glacier, has been unoccupied since the end of last January when everything [...]

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