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Keeping Cool in Antarctica

Believe it or not, keeping things cool - or even frozen - in Antarctica can be a real challenge due to fluctuating temperatures and the realities of living on a moving glacier, in the most remote corner of the globe.

Charles Swithinbank

Posted  05/27/14 in General Interest

It is with great sadness that we mark the passing of eminent glaciologist, Dr Charles Swithinbank, without whose work and pioneering spirit, Adventure Network International might never have existed.

ALE attends Antarctic Treaty Meeting

ALE owner, Mike Sharp, will be going to the upcoming 37th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM XXXVII) being held in Brasilia. Mike will attend as an Invited Expert on land-based activities on behalf of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators ( He will be an active participant in the “Tourism” and the “Operations and [...]

Seeing the Weather - One Station at a Time

Posted  04/2/14 in General Interest, Meteorology

Installing weather stations in the bitter-cold of Antarctica is all in a day’s work for Ronald Ross, an Australian-based independent electrical consultant. Ronald first collaborated with ALE in 2007, to design and install an automatic weather station (AWS) at the threshold of Patriot Hills ice runway.

2013 Vinson Wrap-up 100% Success

Another season with 100% success for ALE climbers on Antarctica’s highest peak. Our Vinson Wrap-up includes all the ALE season highlights.

2013 Expedition Wrap-up

As the Antarctic season draws to a close, we congratulate all twelve of the 2013 South Pole expeditions supported by ALE and celebrate their achievements.

A Monumental Journey Completed

Posted  02/6/14 in Expeditions, General Interest

After 105 days, Ben Saunders and Tarka L’Herpiniere have taken the final steps of their expedition, completing the first-ever, return journey on Shackleton and Scott’s route from Ross Island to the South Pole. It’s been a monumental effort, one that truly pushed the boundaries of human ability. But just how monumental was it? Longest Distance [...]

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