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2013 Expedition Line-up

Posted  09/30/13 in Expeditions, General Interest

The Antarctic season fast approaches and expedition teams are getting ready to head south. Here is the line-up of 2013 ALE-supported expeditions.

In the Spotlight - Marc De Keyser

Posted  09/5/13 in General Interest, Meteorology

Weather forecasts play a key operational and safety role in ALE, whether it be a decision to launch an Ilyushin flight; planning ski aircraft movements; or a summit bid on Mount Vinson. ALE's forecaster, Marc De Keyser takes it all in stride.

The Scott Expedition Countdown

Posted  09/1/13 in Expeditions, General Interest

Ben Saunders and his fellow adventurer, Tarka L’Herpiniere, are only days away from departing on the longest unsupported polar journey in history. The Scott Expedition will attempt to re-trace and complete Captain Robert Falcon Scott's 1,800 mile (2,900 km) Terra Nova Expedition route from Ross Island to the South Pole and back.

A View Into Korea's Antarctic Program

Posted  07/17/13 in General Interest, Science

The Korean Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) undertakes a world-class program in polar research, and with a modern new research facility in Seoul and a new Antarctic Station under construction, they are fulfilling their mission.

Future of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Posted  05/28/13 in General Interest, Science

The West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) is one of the key polar scientific puzzles for projecting the consequences of climate change. WAIS holds a potential 11-20 feet (3.3-6 meters) of global sea level rise and is inherently unstable because it is grounded on rock that lies well below sea level.

South Pole Night Auroras & Yukimarimos

With just one month to the Antarctic winter solstice, the South Pole is shrouded in darkness and temperatures have plummeted below -100F (-73C). And with the extreme conditions come spectacular displays of Aurora Australis, Yukimarimos, and 300 Club activities.

In the Spotlight - Seth Timpano

Name: Seth Timpano Role: Travel Safety Manager 1st ALE Season: 2010 Nationality: USA Why did you want to work in the Antarctic? What was the attraction? Antarctica is one of the most extreme and remote places on the planet. It has endless potential for adventure and a unique beauty that is unsurpassed. It always has, and [...]

IAATO Members Meet in Punta Arenas Chile

Posted  04/12/13 in General Interest

Punta Arenas, Chile, Gateway to Antarctica, will be front and center when IAATO members meet there on April 22-24. The meeting will focus on protecting the Antarctic environment, with opportunities for delegates to learn more about tourism and science in Chilean Antarctica. ALE Co-Hosts Opening ‘Icebreaker’ As a founder member of the International Association of [...]

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