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2014-15 South Pole Expedition Lineup

Seven unique expeditions are en route to the South Pole this Antarctic season. We'll be following their journeys and look forward to hosting all of them at Union Glacier upon completion of their ultimate goals.

Expert Advice - Exped Essentials

Posted  10/9/14 in General Interest, Expeditions

Deciding what equipment to bring on an Antarctic expedition is no easy task. ALE's Expedition Manager, Steve Jones, provides some expert advice for teams heading onto the ice.

Beacons in Antarctica

Accurate information on the location and status of people and resources under our care is key to ALE’s safety management process. ALE’s safety management process includes: Routine communications Emergency communications Capability for two-way voice communications between base and all sites 24 hours a day Back-up or reserve systems A pre-determined Emergency Response Plan ALE maintains [...]

2013 Expedition Wrap-up

As the Antarctic season draws to a close, we congratulate all twelve of the 2013 South Pole expeditions supported by ALE and celebrate their achievements.

A Monumental Journey Completed

Posted  02/6/14 in General Interest, Expeditions

After 105 days, Ben Saunders and Tarka L’Herpiniere have taken the final steps of their expedition, completing the first-ever, return journey on Shackleton and Scott’s route from Ross Island to the South Pole. It’s been a monumental effort, one that truly pushed the boundaries of human ability. But just how monumental was it? Longest Distance [...]

The Year of the Cycle

Posted  01/28/14 in General Interest, Expeditions

2013 may become known as Antarctica’s Year of the Cycle. Three expeditions cycled to the South Pole, each in their own way achieving what had never before been accomplished and proving the ability of cycles in polar terrain. The first to arrive… British adventurer Maria Leijerstam set out to do something new – and she [...]

Expedition Successes, Surprises & Routines

Posted  01/8/14 in Updates From The Field, Expeditions

Antarctic expeditions seldom play out as expected and this season is no exception. Catch up on the experiences, achievements, and lessons learned from our 2013 expedition teams. Richard Parks Richard Parks set a new British record and recorded the second fastest time in history for a solo, unsupported and unassisted journey to the South Pole. [...]

Richard Parks - South Pole Arrival

Posted  01/2/14 in Expeditions

After 28 days of skiing alone in Antarctica, covering 1058km/657 miles and skiing a total of 338 hours, Richard Parks is skiing the final kilometers towards the South Pole.

Adventure Meets Science en Route to the Pole

Posted  12/12/13 in General Interest, Science, Expeditions

The Willis Resilience Expedition is a two-part Antarctic expedition, involving both scientific discovery and human endurance. 19-year-old explorer Parker, a sophomore at Yale University, and his team will conduct a coast-to-pole-to-coast survey, covering thousands of kilometers of untested Antarctic territory. Their data will contribute to a deeper understanding of global climate patterns. The expedition involves three separate, scientific projects : [...]

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