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2013 Expedition Update

Posted  10/28/13 in General Interest, Expeditions

Scott Expedition begins their trek | Richard Parks reveals Project X | Daniel Burton's epic bike to the pole

2013 Expedition Line-up

Posted  09/30/13 in General Interest, Expeditions

The Antarctic season fast approaches and expedition teams are getting ready to head south. Here is the line-up of 2013 ALE-supported expeditions.

The Scott Expedition Countdown

Posted  09/1/13 in General Interest, Expeditions

Ben Saunders and his fellow adventurer, Tarka L’Herpiniere, are only days away from departing on the longest unsupported polar journey in history. The Scott Expedition will attempt to re-trace and complete Captain Robert Falcon Scott's 1,800 mile (2,900 km) Terra Nova Expedition route from Ross Island to the South Pole and back.

ALE Team at the Pole & Other Exped Updates

The ALE Ski South Pole Messner team has arrived at the South Pole and other expeditions supported by ALE are closing in. Here's a quick look at what they are doing and where they are at.

World's First South Pole Bicycle Traverse

Posted  12/21/12 in General Interest, Expeditions

Polar Explorer Eric Larsen believes, “…modern expeditions are less about geographic firsts and more about story telling.” And boy does he have a story to tell. He plans to complete a world’s-first bicycle journey across the Antarctic continent, covering nearly 750 miles, from Hercules Inlet on the coast of Antarctica to the Geographic South Pole. [...]

Ski to the South Pole — Pulling It Together

Pulling together the details for a Ski South Pole expedition can be a challenge. How do you stay on track with all there is to do? ALE’s Hannah McKeand gives some advice on equipment selection, your training regime and tracking down funding. Hannah is an avid explorer and experienced polar guide. She has skied to [...]

Ski to the South Pole - Getting Started

Skiing to the South Pole is an incredible, life changing experience. But how to get started? And what’s involved? We asked ALE’s Hannah McKeand to give us some tips. Hannah is an avid explorer and experienced polar guide. She has skied to the South Pole more times than anyone else; has guided several expeditions to the [...]

Ellsworth Mountains Maps

“Antarctica is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind bogglingly big it is.” * And knowing exactly where you are is important for explorers and expeditions. So what do they rely on? Well, maps, of course but because Antarctica is so huge, very little of it has been mapped. Existing Topographic Maps Whole [...]

2011-12 Expedition Wrap-up

Posted  02/16/12 in General Interest, Expeditions

Our 2011-12 season expeditions faced brutally cold early season temperatures and tough sledging conditions on historic and new routes to the South Pole. Expedition blogs described the ever-changing balance between the highlights and harsh realities of Antarctica, while cold and repetitive strain injuries; altitude and fitness concerns; and equipment problems took their toll on several [...]

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